Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Beth

Today is the Birthday of my friend Beth. She has a blog called That's Not Me Anymore.Go ahead and check her out on my blogroll.
I feel like I have always known Beth, though I met her through others from SCL. She has such a beautiful heart and is such an awesome person I can easily convince myself we go waaaayyy back...I admire how as a busy young mom, she finds time for devotions, volunteering at Church, volunteering at the youth center, blogging, and being an encouragement to her cyberfriends.
Again, I wish I could do bells and whistiles at this computer in the library, but I can't figure out Copy and Paste. So instead, I offer you a limerick, as well.

Beth was a very good friend and mother
In all Indiana I doubt there was another
to show such devotion and love
With help from God above
(at least no other I know of....)

Happy Birthday, Beth.


katdish said...

Happy Birthday @HerbieGookins!

Beth said...

Thanks, Helen!! For some reason this didn't show up on my blogger thingy until today? But I'll keep celebrating as long as I can! ;)

And I LOVE limericks! In Jr. High my friends and I would spend our lunch hours coming up with them...and I can easily see you doing the same...probably why we seem like such old friends!!