Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Over

No, not the end of the world. It is the end of campaigning, and I am glad of it, even though the guy I voted for didn't win. I have long admitted to voting against my own interests. I believe that Obama will be better for the economy than McCain would have been. I just couldn't vote for a man who believes that it is above his pay grade to vote to save the life of a born baby. I will pray that Obama has a change of heart about abortion, and that he appoint pro-life judges, and back down on his promise to pass FOCA. I will pray that the Holy Spirit guide him as he makes decisions that affect the rest of the world as well as the United States.


SHerri said...

Well said.
I've enjoyed your posts.
(first time to your site).

Love it that you're a stay-at-home
daughter. I am impressed by your dedication.

Polka? Really? Hey, my Dad plays the accordian and plays a mean POLKA!

God bless you!

katdish said...

Yup. Keep praying. And I gotta tell you, that little note from your conscious is really making my conscious feel guilty! Perhaps chocolate will help...

Cheri said...

Hi Helen,

Yes it is over. I'm not one to mention who I voted for as I think it is a personal matter. But, since you did, I will (I'm assuming McCain from reading your post) as well. I actually didn't vote. Obama would have been my first choice in so many areas...except...I as well cannot vote for a man that supports abortion. To do so would be to have blood on my hands...and it is a very serious issue as we know. I can't reason to myself that this is just an "issue" that I can brush aside.

I still cried after watching Obama's really moved me. And a part of me was relieved he won.

I could not vote for McCain either...I'll just say ..there is little substance there in my opinion and it indeed seemed to me 'more of the same.' Although, I respect his service to our country very much.