Sunday, November 16, 2008

Come Cry With Me! (But in a Good Way)

I found this on Youtube. This is exactly from where I begin crying, to the very end, when I am bawling so hard you would think I was being beaten with a stick. When the wiseman says that the gift of pure love is what pleases the baby Jesus most, I just...believe it or not, I'm crying now! Gotta go. God bless you.


Beth said...

Is it bad that I'm not going to watch this until I feel like a good cry? Cuz I know I will and I don't want to be embarrassed around the family.... :)

Sherri said...

I've cried over this for years.

THE BEST out there to get you in the SPIRIT.
It's like a serman in itself .

Thank you.

pip said...

Thanks for the tears. Jesus honours the smallest thing done out of love. It's beautiful.