Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something Additional to be Thankful For

I am grateful that my husband fell asleep at work a couple of weeks ago. Because of that, he went for a sleep study. Bob got the results yesterday, and stayed for another sleep study wearing a breathing mask. The results of the first test were that he stopped breathing 350 times during the night, once for at least 50 seconds (how this is even possible is beyond my mathematical abilities). This is why he is alway tired, he never actually fully gets to sleep. The doctor said that without the breathing mask, he would have a heart attack or stroke within five years. I am thankful that he fell asleep at work, because that is when we both took his tiredness seriously.
He doesn't have a mask yet. The new test has to be processed, then the right equipment ordered, yada yada yada. I am sure that God, who has been so gracious as to lead him to a diagnosis now, will keep him safe through the next couple weeks. And I am going to wake him up every hour to ask him if he is breathing (wouldn't you if you were me?)

I was going to put up a video of a turkey singing "I Will Survive", but it just doesn't seem funny anymore. God bless you.


katdish said...

Oh, Helen. God is definately looking out for Bob! If you want, I can have my mom call long distance and scream at him in a heavy Japanese accent. (It always woke me up.)

You know I always turn to humor when things get heavy, but you know I love you and am praying for you both!

Helen said...

Thank you. And I, too believe God is looking for us. And I may take you up on your mom's wake up call!;-) I love you too and I appreciate your prayers.

Sherri said...

Thank God they found out what his problem was!

I am thankful as well.

Will be praying or him.

Annie K said...

Helen, if you add the turkey singing 'I Will Survive' to your ringtones on your cellphone, I'll call every hour to make sure he's breathing (and you'll get to hear that lovely turkey singing!). It's a win-win! And, of course I thank God that He worked things out the way He did and will be praying for Bob. ;)