Monday, March 23, 2009

Songs of Youth

Today my friend Katdish shared Cheap Sunglasses- Oh Yeah. on Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants. It's about ZZ Top. Apparently she really likes them.

You may have noticed that I have a pop up player on my sidebar now. The eclecticness of my choices is truly me. Not only do I really like these songs, but I have no problem listening to 14 minutes of Ravel's Bolero, only to have a sudden switch to KISS's "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night (And Party Everyday)". If a polka follows that, all the better.

As much as I like these songs though, the ones that make me relive being a teenager again are few. Many remind me of times and situations in my youth, but few make me feel like a youth again (in a good way).

Songs that make me young again.
1) Stone In Love-Journey.
2) Jessie's Girl- Rick Springfield.
3)Here I Go Again- Whitesnake.
4)You May Be Right- Billy Joel.
5) Dancing Queen.

There are probably others I will share randomly when I remember them, but those are enough for now, anyway.

How about you? What songs make you a teenager in your own head again. Please link them up in the comment section and share them with us all. Swollen ankles or not, I want to dance like I was 15 and at a school dance again. Help a blogger gal pal out here....


katdish said...

this one

Helen said...

"I want a doctor to take your picture, so I can look at you from inside as well..." Ah. True romance. ;-)

Beth said...

I like all 5. And I dig your eclectic music for the blog! David Sandborn! Beep beep, ahhhhh, beep beep.

I didn't really know a lot of popular music until after it was popular...I was kind of a sheltered as a kid, but I don't think that was a bad thing.

I did have a friend down the road and she listened to Poison and Gun 'n' Roses, so I always think of her and the fun times we had when I hear stuff like this.

When high school rolled around, it was more stuff like this

Or anything by Weezer, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, Better Than Ezra, and any other slightly depressed grunge rock from the mid 90's. :)

sherri said...

Email me directions on how to link in a comment and I will be happy to.

Helen said...

Thanks Beth. Bob and I used to listen to that song when we were dating.

Sherri, I emailed the formula to you.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Helen - someone sent me a thing showing how to link in a comment, but it's not working. I think she left something out. Can you email me the same and I'll link to one of mine?

Gabrielle Eden said...

OK, y'all. This will totally date me, but here is one from my youth.

Helen said...

My husband loves that song, too.

Gabrielle Eden said...

It is a cool song, eh?