Thursday, March 5, 2009

Velour Sweats or Purple Muumuu?

Hello friends. I am expecting guests from another friend's blog tomorrow. Sherri from A Matter of going to feature an interview with me tomorrow. Some of her friends may be stopping by. I am honored that she is featuring me on her blog. And I am looking forward to new guests.
Now, when new people come to my house, I usually spruce it up a bit. Any suggestions for how I can spruce up my blog for the new guests? At home I tend to at least hide the clutter in the laundry room in the basement, but I don't consider anything on my sidebar to be clutter. Should I just move my sidebar to the bottom of the page until Monday?
Oh, and in case you were wondering, when old friends are coming over I just say "i would try to give you an excuse for why the house looks the way it does, but there isn't any. Any suggestions for something I can make up?" It's not like the house is too bad. I just haven't freed the dust bunnies. I am keeping them for least until someone comes over for the first time once again.


katdish said...

I would try to make the Dori bigger (wider across the nav bar)and find a sign that says "I heart Smurfs", otherwise I think you're good. I answered her survey, and she sent me an email that said something to the effect of: "Well, that's very nice Kathy. I have had a lot of response to this, so I'll have to get back to you."

That little munchkin is blowing me off! Can you believe that? After all I've done for her! See if I make her a life-sized Sherri replica made entirely out of Velveeta!

Helen said...

I am sure she isn't blowing you off. She probably figures you don't need the boost right now because of your guest post on Stuff Christians Like. That must have had lurkers pouring in like mad. She will probably feature you when the aftermath from said post has died down.

katdish said...

No, she's blowing me off! No tiny cheese sculpture for her!

(come on, play along!)

Helen said...

Well, here is the question...did your reference the gerbil incident. Because if you did, then yeah, you are probably right, she is blowing you off. If that is the case, tiny velveeta gerbil sounds inappropriate...

sherri said...

I've been gone since this morning and I come back to WHAT?

Was I just called a "munchkin" by a woman I just called "beautiful" in her last post?

Okay then, I take it back. Katdish, You're only very pretty- NOT beautiful. ANd I'm not blowing you off. I can only do one "Friendly Friday" post per week,(unless you can talk the calendar people into putting another Friday on the calendar each week) and I did receive MANY responses back! This week's had to go along with my Irish theme and I found a PERFECT way to link Helen in there.(Plus, she sucked up to me in an answer or two!)

And Helen, wear the sweats, please!You're too young and hip to be wearin' the Muumuu.

And I think everyone would love one of your famous interviews with yourself!

I think I'm gonna' bring my time out chair over here.

Michelle said...

Hi Helen,
I agree with Katdish. You should make your header bigger!!! That would make your blog POP!!!!

Other than that, you set!!!

Good luck in the interview!!! I will be looking forward to it!!!

Beth said...

I just told Frank the other day...
"I love the days when I change out of my pajamas into other pajamas!"

What am I wearing now? Track suit aka fancy sweats. Only velour stripes on the side, but it hit almost 60 degrees today, so the full velour might make me a little warm....

Anyway, I can't wait for the interview!

Pete Wilson said...

Making the header bigger wouldn't hurt but I like the blog just the way it is.

Helen said...

Sherri, I will wear the velour. And I wasn't sucking up I was sincere in my accolades.
Michelle, I don't know how to make the picture bigger. I have been trying since Katdish advised me to, and it isn't working out.
Beth, okay then, an interview it is by popular vote.
Pete, thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I appreciate it. I might actually stop stalking you now.
:-) I said might.