Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I learned this week..

Steph at the Red Clay Diaries is sharing another "What I learned this week.." and I thought I would share mine. This week, I learned that when my feet swell, it is okay to put them up. Obvious you say? Well, sometimes I feel like I need to be doing stuff. This past week, the more I do, the less I am capable of. The swelling gets so bad some days I can't put on my shoes, but it has been better since I have given myself permission to put my feet up, lie down, or whatever I need to do in order to get my feet small enough to wear shoes again. I also bought an ankle brace to see if that will prevent swelling, and am going to try it tomorrow. But if I need to, the world does not fall apart if my feet go up. (Okay, I'm not a mom. For moms, especially of toddlers, that might not be true...)
I know..the profoundities never end on this blog, do they...When I say random musings, I really mean random musings...from Church to swollen feet in a day...at least you all get a day off from me tomorrow. ;-)


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I remember learning that lesson after I sprained my ankle really bad a few years ago. For about 48 hours I did everything I would normally do - albeit on crutches. Then I took my humongous black-and-blue ankle out to dinner. And saw a friend who insisted that it should NOT look like that. She also insisted that I go home and actually FOLLOW DOCTOR'S ORDERS. Psh. Whatever.

Good for you, putting your feet up when you need to. It's so hard to rest, but it actually helps in the long run.

Have a good break tomorrow!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry Helen!! Why does your feet swell if i may ask? I hope that by putting your feet up, the swelling subsides!!!

Have a good Wednesday!!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Helen - I'm 38.

No, I'm actually 26. And I am just good at pretending to be wise.

Annie K said...

Obvious, Captain Obvious. ;)

Helen, you should practice putting your feet up more often. Or is that kicking up your heels?

Whoa...that was random. ;)

sherri said...

Since I roll my ankle once a year, I know how crappy it is for feet not to take you where you want to go.

I hope this will be a final remedy for you.

You deserve some good feet!

If not, I have another idea.
Big AL can give you a ride...

Helen said...

Steph, thanks.
Michelle, I have been on water pills for a while, but last week after getting the new bed I felt so great I was doing more, my shoe broke, so I started wearing old shoes that gave me blisters, so I started walking barefoot, and that is what made my feet swell---walking barefoot for a few days. Now my feet are just refusing to go back to normal without being raised. My new shoes come in this week. That might help.
Matt, did you say 38 because it sounded really old, or because you knew it was a year younger than me? I suppose something I should have added is that I learned this week that lots of people have plenty to teach me, even people younger than elements of my wardrobe.
Annie, I see you recognized me. Cool.
Sherri, thanks. Does he have an extra extra large helmet. No, my head isn't that big. It is my hair, Rita. She takes up a lot of room...

sherri said...

You've named your hair Rita.

I've heard it all now!

Helen said...

What is so strange about the name Rita? What is your hair named?

katdish said...

Drink lots of water! (That's my solution for a host of ailments.) Feel better, Helen's feet!