Friday, July 31, 2009

Tweets of Death

Time for my third twitter post. I decided to try something different this week. Instead of posting my favorite tweets, I am going to post conversations that revolve around a theme. This week’s theme is death. Next week’s? I don’t know. Panda bears? I’m Helenatrandom. It could be anything…..

Friday’s Twitter Conversations of Death.

Helenatrandom#FF @katdish, @weightwhat, @emptynest, @PuriChristos, @buzzbyannies, @HerbieGookins, @redclaydiaries if you hope to die while laughing.
br8kthru@Helenatrandom what if I hope to laugh while dying?
Helenatrandom@br8kthru Thats how I want to go. I want the cause of death on my death certificate to say laughter.
br8kthru@Helenatrandom that would most definitely be the best way to go- forget in your sleep- bor-ing!
Helenatrandom@br8kthru I think we all want to die the way we lived.
br8kthru@Helenatrandom that's deep- for some that would be horrible. Gives me renewed focus to let go of fear, anger, frustrations, etc...
Helenatrandom@br8kthru Hmm...I didn't think of that... Maybe we want to die as we think we have lived...
@Helenatrandom No, it just makes me want 2 live life 2 the fullest, laugh a lot, & love Jesus. Like Paul, "obedient to the heavenly vision"
@Helenatrandom That would be an amazing question to get people thinking, "would you want to die like you lived?" if not, change it now!

The next conversation of death was later the same day and began with whether or not to trust morning people.

emptynestegg@weightwhat talk about banned. DO NOT trust anyone who got an A in an 8:00 Am class.
PuriChristos@emptynestegg hey u can trust me and I got good grades at 7:30 am
weightwhat@PuriChristos I don't think we should trust any man who says, "hey u can trust me."
@weightwhat well, I can be trusted in as much as I dont' ahve anything explosive with me at this point in time
Helenatrandom@weightwhat Now now. Nick is special. We can trust him so long as he isn't holding fire, or in handcuffs.
weightwhat@Helenatrandom - Or saying, "Hey y'all! Watch this!"
Helenatrandom@weightwhat Aren't those the last words of most Texans?
@Helenatrandom - I don't think it's limited to Texas.
PuriChristos@Helenatrandom @weightwhat I figure my last word will be "fascinating"
Helenatrandom@PuriChristos My last word will be "hahahahahhahahhhahahahahahahahhhahah"
@Helenatrandom let me know before u die so I can look up a bunch of bad jokes about dieing for u
@PuriChristos - Could you do combo jokes about dentists and dying for @Helenatrandom?
PuriChristos@Helenatrandom never trust a hungarian when death is on the line
Helenatrandom@PuriChristos or beer for that matter...
PuriChristos@Helenatrandom u do know I was referring to the Princess Bride right?
Helenatrandom@PuriChristos Yeah. But I'm speaking from experience.

This set of tweets didn’t start out about death, but meandered into the topic.

weightwhatI'm ready to be done with this summer heat stuff. Really ready.
Helenatrandom@weightwhat yeah, but in six months I'll be complaining about the cold and wet snow.At least no one ever slipped and broke a hip on sunshine
katdish@weightwhat You should visit me in Houston. It will make you appreciate where you live.
weightwhat@Helenatrandom - I wouldn't be so sure about that...
weightwhat@katdish - Visiting Houston is so not tempting. So no thanks.
katdish@weightwhat Oh, come on! Best Tex-Mex food in the world!
PuriChristos@Helenatrandom @katdish if we visit in january we should take soem snow. Only a flake or 2 and the whole place shuts down
katdish@Helenatrandom January's good. Most of the mosquitos are dead by then...
Helenatrandom@katdish It takes you that long to shoot them down?
Helenatrandom@katdish If we send Annie out there, I better she could shoot them down in a couple of weeks. #Anniegetyourgun
katdish@Helenatrandom Do you have mosquito misting trucks up there? We get them here in the spring and summer.
PuriChristos@katdish of course u do, you have west nile tow orry about
Helenatrandom@katdish I don't think so. We just use OFF or Deep Woods OFF.
PuriChristos@Helenatrandom In Texas the mosquito use off to keep the humans away when they feel bloated from eating too much.
Helenatrandom@PuriChristos Wow! That's some mosquito! Do they carry away pets and small children?
PuriChristos@Helenatrandom If by pets and small children you mean horses and anyone sleeping too soundly then yes

Okay, the death of mosquitos, not humans, but death nevertheless.

Okay. Next week, I think I'll stick with a theme as well. I don't know for how long I will. I may change it up again in the future, just because I like being random.

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Wendy said...

Helen, you come up with the cheeriest topics... :o)

Mulled Vine said...

Not sure I want to go as I have lived. I would like to go as the best of me has lived, chuckling.

jasonS said...

That was great! And the cartoon was excellent. I was laughing about death from the beginning- you have a way about you... :)

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I totally missed all the deathly tweets. (Will you tweet about deathly hallows next week?)

Thank you for enriching my life with them. I am surprised at the recurring theme, but not at the hilarity. Your hilarity knows no bounds, you know?

katdish said...

How come I never get in on the deep conversations on the twitter?