Friday, July 24, 2009

Twitter Post Two

This week I thought I’d put a little effort into making my twitter post make sense. So I am posting them in the order they were tweeted, instead of last first like I did last week. Here we go.

Rt @tracyyoungtv Annoying guy asked me if I knew how to make white people crazy.I replied,"Uh, either play the Chicken Dance song or YMCA?"

@br8kthru Could be...I love to do the Chicken Dance. And the YMCA dance. And the Macarena. And the Achy Breaky Heart. And the Electric

@br8kthru slide. And the Cha Cha slide. And the Hokey Pokey. And the Locomotion. And the Conga. And the Bunny Hop.

@br8kthru seems we now have some insight into my madness.

FOTTSP is having a Twitter Ho- Down Remember: We are full of Baloney, not Spam.

@br8kthru Is Alaska more uptight than Illinois? Maybe it is our proximity to Wisconsin. So long as you are night standing on chairs during

@br8kthru "Wipeout" pretending to surf, you're fine around here...

@br8kthru Sometimes things get a little wild at weddings here. I blame the relatives from Wisconsin. They do know how to have fun tho..

I just took the "Which villain are you?" quiz and got: The Joker! Try it:

@RachelleGardner I love @BillyCoffey 's blog. I can hardly wait to read something he has published.

TWITTY QUESTION OF THE DAY!!! What's your theme song? (I think I'd have to go with The Chicken Dance. Gotta love the chicken dance...)

@PuriChristos I think I might...My Naprapath/Hypnotist wants me to eat more fruit than I am getting on Atkins.

Please check my friend Sherri's post and send a card to an injured soldier

#failedwesterns A Man Called Horse's Patooty

#failedwesterns There Will Be Snot

Advice: Do not attempt to tweet with freshly painted finger nails. Don't ask me how I know this. Just trust me.

@PuriChristos Blood red nails on my own finger tips. Smudged. This is why I don't normally paint my finger nails.

@bob_bot This one's for you... Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, and Bob. Woops. I almost forgot Bob.

@katdish Do you ever wonder if we should let the skanky ho' s follow us so they can be converted by or goodness?

@katdish So maybe we should throw a bible verse tweet in there....I left a video about bible verse on FOTTSp..

RT @clarepaul28 LOL vom Projektleiter üokis grad ne mail bekommen, dass ich gefäigst arbeiten und ned surfen soll.... *hahahahahahaha*

I have no idea what that last tweet I RTed means, but it gives me opportunity to tweet...It's Greek to me...(actually German, but still...)

@br8kthru Online translator"from the project manager üokis grad ne mail got that I should work gefäigst and surf ned .... *hahahahahahaha*"

@weightwhat Candy will put up with a lot of crap from us, NtG will blame you if he can get away with it, jokes about moaning never get old.

@weightwhat Yep. Think of how wild we'd get without a chaperone! :-)

@weightwhat Um... I don't know...I salsa like a white girl. I don't let lack of ability stop me.

@weightwhat I think Godhasablog confessed his true identity to her, and it's Tom. I suspected someone else b4, but she shut down after Tom.

@godhasablog Tom? Is that you?

@weightwhat It's past 12:30 here. I better go to bed now. Tom will remain Tom until tomorrow. Most likely....

RT @katdish There is no Tom. "Tom" is short for tomorrow. Please ignore my obnoxious friends. I know I do...

@PuriChristos Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was excellent.

Mushroom in bar: “A round of drinks for everyone!” Customer: “Well, he seems like a fun guy.”

#lameclaimtofame Santa Claus used to let me sit on his lap in the mall. Now he prefers we stand for our picture.

#lameclaimtofame? I made our diocesan bishop laugh at a wedding when he asked if I go to Church and I said "Yes, Do you?" I was four...

I just took "Just how Crazy are You?" and got: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! Try it ➔

OK, the results of that quiz was crazy. I do NOT like cleaning house. Anyone who has ever been to my house knows this.

@billycoffey That book will be published.You have skillz.You have an agent.You have a following of people DEMANDING it be published.

Red fingernails. Red water bottle. Red dress. I hope I'm not metamorphising out of my pink phase. Think pink. Think pink. Think pink.

@katdish Your favorite color is red? That would explain my metaphorphisizing. Maybe it's my Naprapath/Hypnotists fault...

@billycoffey Don't go trying to talk me out of red...My hypnotist is very powerful...

@katdish I am going to the grocery store. Do you miss the days when I tweeted my grocery list? I'd be happy to oblige...

@katdish No more lunch meat of any kind for me. My ankles deserve better than that from me...

@tremendousnews I have taken several quizes now without dming you with the results. I thought I'd keep you updated on my progress with this.

@PeterPollock Thanks Peter.I love the way you share your faith and your thoughts on faith on your blog. Missionary series provokes thought.

@BklynRunner Mare came back from Africa. She moves nearby soon

@marni71 RICK SPRINGFIELD TOUCHED YOUR HAND! Quick, rub a kleenex on that hand and send it to me..;-)

I am one of the direct decendants of Adam AND Eve. #lameclaimtofame

@emptynestegg Exactly! That's why it's a #lameclaimtofame

@marni71 Tell me more about the Rick Springfield hand...

#lameclaimtofame Marni is going to send me a kleenex touched by the hand that Rick Springfield touched....

@marni71 WOW! You are lucky you didn't react by pulling him onto your lap! Hubby may have regretted buying the tickets...

@katdish I know there is a yeast infection joke in there somewhere, but I just can't find it...

@katdish Yaayy! It looks like @weightwhat found it!

@marni71 OH YEAH! And Jon BonJovi is even HAWTER now than he was twenty some years ago...Man...I wish I was too.... ;-)

@katdish Those SkyMall posts you do are classics. They are to your blog what interviewing myself is to mine...

Took the "Whos your celebrity sister?" quiz & got: Demi Lovato! What about you? ➜

@emptynestegg I don't know, but apparently she's my long lost celebrity sibling...I wonder if she's looking for me. ;-)

@emptynestegg Dang. The quiz could be on target. We are cute. ;-)

The Taco Bell Chihuahua died? I must find my "Feliz Navidad, Amigos" doll and put it out in memoriam.

@emptynestegg No, I didn't. She had a pretty deep voice for a girl...

@emptynestegg Oh no, don't tell me Mr. Ed was a trannie....

Steve Perry from Journey is not dead. Just ignore him in the trending topics. It is a mishmash of different guy and rick rolling.

Read about a dead trannie dog here...

@weightwhat Bluntness is my new spiritual gift.

@BunBunRabbit Learn to spell. It's C-H-I-H-U-A-H-U-A!

Yo Quiero Taco Bell. Feliz Navidad amigos.Hey! Drop the chalupa

RT @stacyasmallSFL Martha Stewart just said, "Length really does matter when it comes to a weiner." She's a jailbird perv.

@billycoffey I'm eclectic too! Except to me that means REO Speedwagon, Dean Marin, The Polkaholics, and Hungarian music.

RT @weightwhat: Shameless self-promotion meets obituary for cross-dressing dog. Good times.

@br8kthru You can listen to them on my playlist on my blog. "Who Stole the Kiska?" is a classic. But sadly, not available on Youtube.

@katdish More skanky ho 's? Maybe you should DM them with a bible verse. Psalm 38:7 KJV

@emptynestegg Are you suggesting @katdish send them pictures to go with Psalm 38:7 KJV. Eeeeww!

@marni71 That's right! Let's work at getting skanky ho' s to block us!

Mom is calling me. (Okay, she WAS calling me. She has since given up. Poor mom....)

The Day I Told Bob My Deep Dark Secret

RT @Br8kthru New post: have you ever prayed "Lord, Remove the Consequences" -Read & talk about it-

@br8kthru Your welcome. Your post had some really good points.

@br8kthru Peter is out of town, and Katdish has been commenting less. I think she still reads our stuff, but comments less for lack of time

@weightwhat Don't worry! I left a link to your crotch post for my first comment. I'm not sure why. Just trust me. It was relevant.

@weightwhat I couldn't find the link, but here is the apology.

@weightwhat Actually, I think I left the link on his Church blog. Somehow, that doesn't make it better...

@br8kthru At least your Church might be believing you are seeking and finding the lost. Am I right?

@br8kthru Well yeah! Any woman who leaves a glittered crotch comment on a Church blog can give Mary Magdalegne's 7 demons a run4 their money

@PeterPollock You do realize that if you don't comment on Jason's blog today, you are giving me the edge for best comment this week.

@br8kthru Thank you.Thank you. I would first like to thank @katdish and @PeterPollock for being comment slacker on Jason's blog this week...

@billycoffey @CandySteele You know what is good in tea? Scotch and honey. But only for medicinal purposes. ;-)

Oh darn. I'm supposed to stop being entertaining on twitter! I finished my post! (Or at least it WAS finished).

Q:What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter? A: Pi in the sky. #pi

Q: What do you get when you cut a jack o'lantern by its diameter? A: Pumpkin Pi! #pi

Q: What do you get when you take green cheese and divide its circumference by its diameter? A: Moon Pi. #pi

Cick on the title to find other members of the Twitter Ho Blog Carnival. I won't promise you'll be glad you did. Just do it.


Wendy said...

It's like living the week all over again... Isn't it nice that we can keep ourselves entertained like that?

sherri said...

Helen- I want the truth...Are you developing callouses?

Annie K said... did I miss out on all of this? I must be a twit...

jasonS said...

Fantastic. I enjoy our conversations! It's so nice to pause and reflect on all that we've accomplished and learned this week. :)

By the way, just wrote a new song to the tune of Lollipop- It goes... Glitter Crotch, Glitter Crotch, O Glitter, Glitter Crotch...

You left a glitter crotch comment on my blog so I thought I should return the favor.

katdish said...

I love when you argue with your multiple personalities via the twitter!

And let's just stick a fork in this whole Tom thing, shall we?

Yes, thank you.

Also? Glitter crotch.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Helen, thanks for the comment. But you don't have to feel sorry for me. I'm all better, and you'll see in a couple of weeks how God's providence works out. :)

Nick the Geek said...

helen, um yeah forgot what I was gonna say.

Katdish, thanks for reminding me I gotta go back 2 ur blog before I forget.

Billy Coffey said...

You are not human.

♥ Kathy said...

Wow Helen that's alotta tweats lol. I missed you. Thank you for taking care of my kiiiiiity on Facebook ♥

Helen said...

Wendy, yes. Unlike some people, we can entertain ourselves.
Sherri, no callouses. Not even bruising. Or broken fingernails.
Annie, I guess you are enjoying the summer weather.
Jason, I enjoy our conversations, too. Nice song. Thanks for sharing. One good glitter crotch reference certainly deserves another.
Kathy, I actually don't remember arguing with myself on twitter lately...
Matt, I'm sure it will. But I am sorry you suffered at the hands of your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Nick, why? Were you distracted by something shiny?
Billy, What does that mean? That I am too wonderful? Well thank you..
Kathy, I missed you, too! And so did Kiiiiity. We are both glad you are back.