Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Mean You Don't Have a Spare Monk's Robe Hanging in Your Closet?


To begin with, I think I need to explain that my husband loves costumes. He has a viking costume from when he was reading about vikings, a Pharaoh costume from when he was reading about ancient Egypt, a Renaissance costume from when he was reading Shakespeare...you get the idea.
So, for the Harry Potter premiere, I suggested that he wear the monk's robe (don't ask) hanging in the closet, and whatever he found appropriate for a hat. Where exactly besides a Harry Potter premiere can he dress in costume without getting stared at? (Don't answer the museum of Natural History...That's not true...just trust me on that...)
Why am I posting this for Life is Funny? Well, don't you find the fact that we have a monk's robe and a scholar hat just hanging in the closet to be funny?



Wendy said...

I know I should be surprised by this, but... Well, it's your husband. If he wasn't colorful, he wouldn't be your match.

sherri said...

Ditto Wendy's words!
Tell Bob - he made me smile at 5:52 Am today!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Funny, Bob! What does he wear while reading this?

Annie K said...

Candy, I hope you did NOT post the story of Adam and Eve BEFORE the fall..!

Bob, you're a wild man!

Beth said...

Go Bob! What a fun hobby. Where were your robes, Helen? :)

I like to imagine in heaven we get to dress up however we want each day...unlimited awesome costumes! I know that's probably theologically incorrect...time will be different, our bodies will be different, etc. but still! It's a very fun thought.

Kelli said...

I simply MUST meet your husband. I have had one of the crappiest mornings ever, and I think this just turned it all around! Thank you Bob! Please post more pictures!

jasonS said...

Did Bob beat up a monk and take his robe? Only kidding! Tell Bob his fearlessness is wonderful. I don't think I could pull that off.