Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My first posts...

Okay, a bunch of my blogger friends are reposting their first blog entries so here we go. Yes, I know I linked to this on February 3, my blog's birthday, but here we go again..

In the beginning....
February 3, 2008
Several days ago I had a dream.  My dad gave me a journal.  It was not a special occasion, he just decided to give me a gift.  I responded by telling my dad that I haven't written since I was in college.  He seemed disappointed, and reminded me that I always wanted to be a writer.  I told him that was when I had silly dreams, and thought I had something significant to say.  I have realized that I am neither silly nor significant any more.  His answer to me was to write something.
So here I am, writing a blog.  I don't know whether he was speaking to me through my dream (he has been dead for 14 years) or if the wiser part of my brain is telling me I need a creative outlet.  But I have decided that it is time to  write.

Aww, not silly or significant, huh? Wasn't I cute, believing I had changed so much? In some ways, I still am who I used to be. Why does that seem like a new discovery? The idea that I am still me, twenty years later. I have changed, but I have not turned into someone else.

I Hate Spam
February 4, 2008
No not the luncheon meat. I have never tried that, but my husband says it is excellent fried. A friend of his likes it with peanut butter. No, I mean the type of spam that provides no nourishment or satisfaction of the palette whatsoever. I mean the sort of spam that has me standing on my cyberchair screaming "eek!"
I don't know how I've done it, but I have managed to be the recipient of some of the most vile e-mail product advertisements I can imagine (it is true though, that when it comes to filth, I do not have much of an imagination). I "unsubscribe" from the e-mail listings, only to have the same subject headers come up in by inbox. I am tempted to get another e-mail address, send the info to all my friends, and let the spammers have the old one, with me not so much as glancing at it. But what if the spammers get the new one? How far can I run in cyberspace? Is there a cyberrock or cybertree for me to hide behind? Until then, I may pretend that my delete button is a laser gun and zap the spam right in the return key.

Boy, I have a couple of recipes for spam now. Cool, huh? Yeah, too bad email spam for nasty things women don't need can't be dealt with as easily. I actually did get another email address, which worries me, because I sign into my blogger account with my old address, and I can't figure out how to switch. If blogger tried to contact me with my sign in email, I would be so unaware.....


Ryan B said...

Ugh. I hate spam too. It is the most annoying thing on the internets. Who is so heartless that they had to resort to sending me massive amounts of ridiculous emails just to have me get excited about a new email or comment and then have to delete it later when I discover it is only a random magazine advertisement for Colorful Images. Ridiculous.

katdish said...

Perhaps you need to upgrade your anti-virus software. Mine cuts down on spam tremendously.

I love your first post.

wv: gubbill - a redneck gerbil.

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