Friday, February 13, 2009

After Tomorrow, It is On to Random Tuesday!

So, tomorrow is the day. Yeah, I have read many "we should show our love all year round" posts and comments, and I can't argue with that. Still, I like getting my card and going out to eat on Valentine's Day. I like having a special day to shake me up into reminding Bob that he is special. And I guess I enjoy the extra attention myself. This year, instead of picking out Valentine's gifts, we are getting new sheets for our new bed. You see, the mattress on our queen size wore out, and now we need a new one. Bob has always wanted a king size bed, so the time is now, not in a couple of years throw away a good mattress because we decided to get a new bed. Anyway, the king size arrives in about two weeks. Since we didn't have a king size bed before, we need new linen for the new bed. I did mention to Bob that if he wanted to buy me flowers, I wouldn't exactly refuse them....But the official gift is the sheets. I guess I'll have to wait for the next gift giving holiday for the Mamma Mia DVD. Click here to see my review of the movie when it first came out. Do you think I could convince him that we exchange gifts for Mardi Gras? St. Patrick's Day? St. Joseph's Day? Random Thursday?
On a side note, I reread that post myself. You know, I forgot that only a short time ago, I rarely drank......I mean like I had a sangria at a party every few months or an appletini at a wedding once a year. Now I discovered I like tea with drambouie maybe once a week in the evening. I wonder who I should thank for my new habit. Any suggestions?


Michelle said...

Hey there,

Oh and Happy Valentines day too!!!

You know how i feel about it all so i will leave it at that!!!

Hey i got your comments. Not to worry.

Some alcohol once a week is a good thing right??

Soon i will be out running and flying!!! Cannot wait!!!

TGIF I loveyou helen!!!

Beth said...

I love new sheets. I think it's a fab present.

katdish said...

As to your drinking habit, I would blame Sherri. She's always a good scapegoat.

I have a king size bed and let me tell you: IT IS THE BOMB! And I'm with Beth, new sheets are awesome, especially the high thread count variety. There are three things I don't go cheap on: paint, paint brushes, and sheets. You get what you pay for.

Ryan B said...

April Fool's Day is coming up. Maybe you can trick him into thinking it's your birthday. That's what I would do.

sherri said...

katdish-don't make me come up there...

Helen- I think new sheets are a great idea especially with a good dvd as well!

I'm with you- we always do SOMETHING for v-day.

Big Al is making me a steak dinner tonight (but I don't get a toothpick afterwards!)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Happy Valentine's Day - late!

Annie K said...

Katdish, Helen love Jesus....oh heck, you know what i'm going to say.

wv: gulte

Your honor, I am gulte as charged. I love Jesus but drink...