Friday, February 6, 2009

What Tree Shall We Pick From?

My recent post on Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants.

The gist of it is, dabbling with the occult is bad. I know, big surprise! Still, some who believe in God deny the existence of the evil one because it makes them uncomfortable. Then they think things like ouiji boards, astrology, psychics and the like are fun, because they don't recognize it as a vehicle for the evil one, because they don't adhere to believing in an evil one. My post today on Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants deals with some of my thoughts on this.


sherri said...

It was a good post Helen.

You are very wise.

katdish said...

AHEM! It was an AWESOME post, Helen.

People think a little bit of this or that is okay, then before they know it, they've gone too far. My dh calls it "incremental desensification" (cuz he uses big words like that).

wv: promber - appropriate attire for formal dances.

"Agnes, you cain't wear a black bra with your strapless, peach taffetta prom dress! That ain't promber!"