Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Interesting Things About Me

Sherri did 25 interesting things in her post today. Lots of others have before. I figure it is my turn. Here it is.....

1) I am bigger than two normal size people and a child. It is time to come clean, Sherri. I am not actually short. I am just short for my weight. I should be 7'4"....wait a moment. Women are supposed to be lighter than men, so I should be 7'6".
2) I am beginning eco atkins on Ash Wednesday. Sort of. I won't be going Vegan, just semi vegetarian. I read an article in the newspaper that semi eco atkins helps jump start the thyroid, which brings me to...
3) I have an underactive thyroid. For real. I have been on synthroid for years.
4) I have eclectic taste in music. I put polka as my favorite on my profile, but my favorites are constantly changing. Salsa. Mambo. Polka. Classical. Eighties Rock. One never knows what they will hear in my house.....I mean musicwise.
5) I love to swim.
6) My favorite flower is the carnation.
7) I get aches and pains in my lower back, ankles, and feet. I blame my weight. Duh!
8) When I was four years old, I visited Hungary with my parents. My uncle and aunt really liked me!
9)I am the youngest of eight cousins on my mother's side.
10) On my father's side, I am third youngest, or fifth oldest. It is a matter of perspective.
11) My sister died nine years before I was born. She was one month old. It made my parents very overprotective. Mom still thinks I can die of a cold if I don't see the doctor. Catherine had bronchial pnuemonia.
12) I like to wear velour clothing. I love the way it feels. Velour pjs. Velour sweats. Velour dresses. Velour headbands. I think the only think I am missing are velour undies, and velour shoes....
13) Due to heel spurs, I must wear orthotics at all times. That means only ugly shoes for me.
14) I am married to a wonderful guy. He loves me as is. He promised to love me if I change. I love him, and have promised unconditional love to him as well.
15) At one time, I was considering becoming a nun. I may post on that later. Remind me if you think it would make a good story, okay.
16) I like to read mysteries. I think my favorites are the Father Brown Mysteries, by G.K. Chesterton.
17) I am Catholic. I think you either all ready know, or you figured it out from my sidebar. In some ways I am rather conservative, in others, not so much. It depends on who you compare me to.
18) My favorite Psalm is Psalm 91.
19) My favorite hymn is Hosea. Today, anyway.
20) Jesus is my favorite man. After him, Bob is the winner, hands down.
21) I want to paint the kitchen and dining room lilac. My carpet is dark green.
22) I used to collect angel figurines. I don't anymore. Too much dusting...
23) I tend to let the house get cluttered. I am working on getting organized.
24) I teach CCD every other week. CCD means Sunday School, but not on Sunday.
25) I am afraid of rodents. All rodents. To me, a squirrel is a bushy tailed rat with a spring in his step.

26) I like bunnies. We have one in the back yard. We call her BunBun. She may be a he. We never checked. We like to make up stories about her adventures.

Okay. I hope those qualify as interesting things. Some of them you knew. Some of them you didn't. Have a great evening!


Ryan B said...

My mom was born and grew up in Hungary. Also. I would like to hear the nun stories.

sherri said...

I love these interesting facts! Do you remember much about Hungary?

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. How very sad.

I love the way you say you're just short for your weight. That line's a keeper.

Write the nun post (I'm reminding you)

I'm extremely fearful of rodents myself!

I'm gonna link to your post about lent tomorrow. I will have to write it in the morning. I'm too tired. I just got home and am ready for bed. Goodnight Helen. Sweet dreams!

Annie K said...

Helen, I was going to take the week of, but I had to lurk...and after the sh*t bomb you dropped at fottsp(which apparently shoulda been a bullsh*t bomb...I'll deal with NTG later) and then this, I couldn't help myself.

First off, RyanB welcome to the familia. (yes, that's Spanish - or Italian if you're in the mob, like Sherri), but Helen and I are 'Hungarian' sisters and being Hungarian means the blood runs thick. So, you're one of us now...good or bad. ;)

Second, I always wanted to be a nun - especially after seeing The Sound of Music. Unfortunately, I like the whole 'consumating' thing too much and nuns don't do that because they're not married. So - it wasn't an option(and I only found out I liked it AFTER I was married.) It worked for 'Maria'...but even she left the 'nun-hood'.

I don't have the same love affair with velour that you do, but I bet you look fabulous in it!

Helen said...

Ryan, really? My dad was from a small village just west of Szombathely. The town is pronounce "Feltcherchatar". It would have to be spelled way differently, but I couldn't possibly. I post the story of how I didn't become a nun in May.
Sherri, Thank you for linking me. I am honored. My memories of Hungary are mainly my aunt's farm. She raise bunnies, as well as piggies, a cow, and chickens. I think that is where my love of bunnies began. My Uncle Bela wanted daddy to sneak one on the airplane for me. Daddy wouldn't. He said we could get in big trouble for that.
Annie, thanks for coming over! About the s bomb...I guess that is what I get for trying to sympathize with NTG. I just felt bad for that happening to him, he being a youth pastor with young children and all. Cool about Ryan being Hungarian too, huh? Yeah, consumating has a lot to be said for it.....I too found out after marrying Bob.
Velour is almost as fond of me as I am of it. ;-)

Beth said...

Who knew you had to blog to meet Hungarian-Americans? I'm not Hungarian. I am also not Italian. I'm not sure what I am. Can I still comment?

I liked your list. I, too, adore velour and mystery books. If I had a room full of mysteries and a snuggie made of velour...you probably wouldn't see me for days. (As long as the room contained a fridge full of food, that is. I don't do well if hungry.)

Michelle said...

Great list!! I like that psalm too!!! Simple and too the point!!

I am interested to know about your nun story!!!

I am off to read about lent now!!!

Helen said...

I will right about that later. Like everything else, it is kind of a topsy turvey story.