Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DWH: Driving While Helen: Just Don't

Once, many years ago, mom and Bob were in the hospital at the same time for about a week. This was when I was still a teacher. I spent very little time at home. I visited them every day. I went grocery shopping when visiting hours were over (I went to the hospital right after school) and was so tired, I fell asleep at the wheel. I woke up on the route home, but I had no idea where I was, I just kept driving until I recognized something. I got home. The next day, I went home after school, took a nap, and called them on the phone. The rest of the time they were in the hospital, I took turns visiting them, and called the other (even from the firsts hospital room), and made sure I got rest and took care of myself.
When you have a scare like that in traffic, you need to make a change in your driving habits. It doesn't matter if it was DUI, forgetting your glasses, texting, cell phone using, yelling at ______, eating a sandwhich, drinking a cola, or driving while exhausted. Now, if I am overtired, I just don't drive. I know you moms out there are thinking that would be impossible, but keep in mind, I am talking falling asleep at the wheel tired. You don't want to do that to or with your kids. I know you don't.
God was looking out for me that day. In a way, He was looking out for Bob and Momma, too, because I don't know what they would do without me? Seriously. Could you imagine what would happen to a family without a talented blogger in it? Who wants to even think it?! Recognize His hand in keeping you safe, and thank Him by learning something!
This post is dedicated to a commenter on Sherri's blog, Matter of Fact, who calls herself Menice to Society.
Here is a youtube videeo for an incentive for all of us to drive safely. I wouldn't want to see any of these happen to my cyber friends and blog readers. Or anyone else, come to think of it.


Mare said...

aagh! You woke up not knowing where you were?! That's scary.

I went through a year of aaaallllmooossttt falling asleep at the wheel. Exhaustion. Not pretty. But how else do you get from here or there?

Caffine: coffee, diet coke, red bull...what's your drug of choice?

Helen said...

Sorry Mare. When I am that exhausted, I just don't drive. I am married, so I can ask my husband to drive, but ultimately, if he can't, well, I won't risk my life and other people's any more.

For around the house tired though, it would be coffee or diet cola ;-)

Beth said...

We woke a guy up at a stoplight once late one night driving from Frank's parents to our house. He was just asleep in the middle of the intersection in his car. That was a little scary. But I was very thankful he was just asleep rather than needing medical attention.

Yeah...I'm pretty tired most of the time I drive...but now that I have kids, I DO think more about their safety than my own, and I'm a lot better about being honest and saying I'm too darn tired. I'd rather wait until morning to drive or switch drivers, whatever.

Helen said...

Beth, I am glad you look out for yourself and your kids that way. I wouldn't want anything to happen to any of you.
My mom's doctor told her once when she was sick and I was just baby that taking care of herself is part of taking care of me. Just another random thought.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

"Could you imagine what would happen to a family without a talented blogger in it?"

I loved that. And clearly you are SO much more to your family than that. No matter how important blogging is in the world. ;)

I don't usually need to drive while falling asleep. And I'm definitely more aware of risk now that I have kids. (And considering how much of a risk-taker I was pre-kids, that's saying a lot.)

Sherri said...

Can you explain the horse in the windsheild photo?

Even I could have seen a horse!

Seriously, I normally always drive with my glasses on. My near vision is fine, so I only use them when I need to see something 2 feet away from me or further.( Okay, 1 foot away). I just hopped in and started driving then realized I didn't have them, and yes kept on. I won't do it again. I don't want to hit a horse! Or land in a river, or on the top of another car, etc.

And for the record, the "lady" that turned out to be just a bunch of pink garbage bags story was YEARS ago! OK? I'm reformed now. I went through a DWNB (driving while nearly blind) program.

I never drive sleepy though.

I blog while sleepy, but that's about it. (Another excuse for my typos. )

Hey, I think I do pretty well for blind sleepy lady!

veri wod: houty

WHat the driver said to the horse when it crashed through her window!

"Well, Houty!"