Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In The Interests of Not Being Repetitively Redundant...

Two of my friends have already done inauguration posts today. Rather than redundantly repeat (tee hee hee) what they said, I would rather just link to their blogs. I am sorry if that is lazy, but if I am just going to write what they wrote, I may as well just admit it is their work and link it.

Katdish's Inauguration Post.

Sherri's Inauguration Post.

Steff at the Red Clay Diaries Inauguration Post.

I agree with them with everything, including the "I didn't vote for him, but..."
I would like to add that I will be praying that FOCA does not pass. I will be praying that God changes our President's heart and mind about FOCA.

On another note, tomorrow is Wednesday, so I will be away from my computer all day.


Beth said...

Hey, my pastor also put up a good post today about his feelings on the inauguration. Think you'll like it.


katdish said...

Aw, dang! I was gonna write my cartoon post tonight and post it tomorrow, then delete it first thing Thursday morning!

(Just kidding -- Thursday or Friday for sure!)

Ryan B said...

Haha. Helen! Everyone needs to do an inauguration post. I think it is a new law or something.