Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Then later, she said

I am feeling much better now. I am sorry for being so, so, so, ugh, today, and yesterday. I am doing better now. Tomorrow is my Wednesday off from the computer. I will miss you, but don't be concerned, I am not away to wallow. Tomorrow I will be hanging out with mom, watching movies ON DEMAND. I know. Positively wild. I hope the police don't come to my door to shut this party down! Especially since we will be listening to the Polka station at noon. You know how wild a polka can get...
I will also be praying for my blogger friends. Especially one from my home state who has been having issues she needs to deal with, and has still been a source of comfort to me while I have been wallowing in self pity (hey, I don't feel guilty for self pity. Hannah did the same in the Bible, and how many sons did she end up with? Hmm? Quiz question for tomorrow. But I do think I should have been a better friend and recognized her sadness better)
As proof to my better mood, I am posting a Weird Al Yankovic polka video. I can't guarantee how you will feel after watching him absolutely ruin some great 80's songs, but, Janet Jackson dancing super fast to Nasty Boys in polka form had me gulping for air. Even Madonna hopping around to Papa Don't Preach was mildly amusing. I hope it makes you laugh, too.
I'll be back Thursday.


Beth said...

Haha. He does a good polka to the deep dark grunge songs of the 90's too. Gotta love Weird Al!!

Glad you're feeling better. Talk to you Thurs!

sherri said...

So glad you're feeling better!

You are crazy! You know that?

ANd thank you for your prayers.
Our thing tonight went Okay. Really better than we thought it would. Lots up ahead but the first step was better than we had expected.

Hoping and praying this has a truly PEACEFUL end result for everyone involved.

Ryan B said...

For the record, Weird Al went to my school (Cal Poly) and he recorded his first song in a bathroom here that I have actually been in. It's pretty awesome.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I. Am. DYING. Weird Al just polkaed to the songs of "the best years of my life."

I knew every single one of those videos. By heart.

Plus, I love Weird Al.

And Ryan? Does the bathroom have a special plaque over a urinal or anything. If so, I think you need to share...