Monday, April 27, 2009

Googling for the Jung at Heart

Last week Katdish did a post where she told us what people googled to get her site. She used analytics to find this out. Annie told me how to get analytics months ago, and I got it. But then I decided I spent too much time on the internet anyways, so I ignored the stats. Katdish's post got me wondering what people googled to get hear. Some makes sense to me, like searches containing CCD. I know I mentioned being a CCD teacher once or twice. Others, like "songs about freud", have me a bit baffled. When someone googles "songs about freud", are they looking for ditties or hymns? Just wondering.... Or "jung "he is risen", I think jung, having written so comprehensively about collective unconscious, would have been more likely to go with "we are risen", but I digress....
I also don't remember blogging about perms, bonnie hunt neecie nash, or my German teacher in High School(Hildegarde Germaine). Oh well. At least all the searches have been clean. So far.

helen blogspot
jealous type
"her perm"
"hildegarde germaine"
ah..... to be polish
bonnie hunt neecie nash
brewseter rockitt
ccd catholic funny acronyms
ccd classroom quiz game
ccd for 4th graders
ccd kids
crazy nativity sets
dramboui liquor
how can you tell if someone is the jealous type
how do you know if your husband is jealous
how to know if your husband is jealous
how to say "don't do that" in polish 1
hrm prayer
husband who are jealous type
i'm sorry but did i ever mention
is your man jealous?
jealous type man
jezu marija
jung "he is risen"
my dad watched wrestling
my husband jealous
o jezu marija
o jezu marija! means
prayer for jealous husband
random facts about st. patrics day
religouis song: he had no place to lay his head
rich mullins cigarette smoker
songs about freud
songs about youth
watching wrestling on tv
what is the difference between sweet chin music and super kick
when husbands are jealous
ya can't go home blogspot


Wendy said...

So Helen, do you know any songs about Freud?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

So is Bob jealous about you blogging about wrestling and what would Freud say about that? I guess I'll have to check out my Google Analytics, but I have a feeling the only word that will come up is dog. Does anyone ever type "dog" in Google?

Annie K said...

That is a very clean list ideed. We'll have to fix that....

sherri said...

-How to say "don't do that" in Polish.

Loved it!

katdish said...

Oh, that list just cracks me up! What is the difference between sweet chin music and super kick, anyway?

P.S. - Helen's buttcrack, Annie K boobs, Pornographic Cheese Buttler, Nick's monkey butt

Beth said...

I don't keep track on anything on my blog...but this makes me want to just for the laughs!

Every time I read these, I really want to have an online spelling bee because I thought I was a bad speller, but I might be good one compared to all the googlers out there.


Billy Coffey said...

Wow. I'm gonna have to check out my own analytics.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Isn't Google a fun tool? You wonder what people were really hoping to find with some of those!

Wendy said...

I tried Googling Catholic porn, but couldn't find your blog anywhere. I guess there's just too much Catholic porn out there...

gina said...

I was going to ask why all the posts about jealous husbands but then I saw your life is funny link. the sad part is people are wondering how to tell?

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Candy, Oh sure people google dogs. I get searches for "dog turtle hats" ALL THE TIME.

And Helen,

I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.
I big red monkey butt heart you.

Helen said...

Wendy, Jose Cuervo, you are a freud of mine? Freuds are Freuds Forever? You've Got a Freud?
Candy, Bob is cool. He isn't the jealous kind.
Annie, ummm, uh oh...
Sherri, yeah, I don't know how that got here.
Katdish, Sweet Chin Music always lands on the chin, while a superkick can land anywhere...
Beth, I am sure you are an awesome speller. You are awesome, period. Arrrrrr.
Billey, you have a classy blog. I am sure you only attract the classiest of googlers.
Matt, I know. But Jung "He is risen" really took the cake for me. I would have been less surprised to find monkey anatomy.
Wendy, I don't do "Catholic porn". In the interest of ecumenism, I only do nondenominational Christian porn on this site.
Gina, I felt kind of bad for people googling that and winding up here finding a joke. Oh well. I didn't mean any harm, and I do hope they find they help they want.
Steph, right back at you x10.