Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Christian Blogs : A Site For Finding Christian Blogs

Click here to get to My Christian Blogs. Yeah yeah. I know you read about it everywhere else, his page says that if we link his blog and write a post about his site, we get in on the ground floor of some cool stuff happening this summer. And I am all about keeping cool in the summer. He has some of our friends on there, like Jon and Pete. I am not going to link them because they don't need me to link them now that they are on My Christian Blogs. They hit the big time. They don't need little ol' me. I'll get over it.
The administrator of this blog has a Catholic as well as a Nondenominational page on which to find new blogs fitting the category. I am happy, because I saw Happy Catholic is on it. I like her. I get some great jokes from her. BTW, her name is Julie, not Happy. I am still going to refer to her by the name of her blog,. Anyhow, click on My Christian blogs. if you want to see a site recommending Christian blogs.


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Thanks for the tip Helen.
I'll check it out later this evening.
I love the "One stop" blog sites that do this kind of thing.