Thursday, April 16, 2009

Helen Speaks!

Sorry Wendy. I know I promised you something else for Life is Funny, but me trying to work the mac imovie for the first time is kind of funny.
Please keep in mind that I have a medical condition where the camera adds about 150 pounds.....O.K. Not really.....


sherri said...


I want to hear the rest of the song!

I love seeing you there...and hearing your voice!

I'm impressed you can work that video!

Very impressed!

And you know I'm with you ALL THE WAY regarding the fate of our poor Gov. who has yet to repent of any wrong doing.

^5 Helen!

I want to hug you now.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

And I could totally rock and roll with you Helen! You sound EXACTLY the way I thought you would!

^5 fo'sho'

Joining Sherri....(((((group hug)))))

Wendy said...

Oh Helen, how do you really feel about Blagamawhosit? Don't sugar coat it, what's the word on the street?

And hey, you figured out the whole camera thingy! That's more than I could possibly do.

Maybe you'll get to post *ahem* the other post next week... :o)

Beth said...

I just KNEW you'd be all over the Costa Rica thing! When I heard about it on the radio the other day I was rolling my eyes so much I about ran off the road.

I love videos with Helen!

(Chanting) We want more! We want more!

Helen said...

Group hug to all of you, too!
I'm going to see if I can ambush, er, I mean interview Bob soon.
I figure I'll pull a "Hey sit here and look what I can do!" and then start interviewing him.
Anything you want me to ask him about?

Annie K said...

I heart Bob - you know that Helen. Just tell him Annie is on the other side and he's answering my questions. (and I heart you too!)

And Helen, how do you REALLY feel about Blagosonofa...?

I think there should be a reality show about all of us. Could someone call Rachel Ray? Or Mark Burnett?

katdish said...

Oh Helen! You are more beautiful in live action footage than still photography! That. was. AWESOME!


You just made my day! YAY!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

So great to see and hear you! Even ranting about bla go JEV ich.

"He's full of vowels."


Annie K said...

Helen, I have to say that I love the way the 'R' in Costa Rrrrica rolls off your tongue.

And I'm not gonna say WHERE I think we otta stick Blago. I think we outta have a place for dumb *sses such as him. Hrrmph.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Hey! I wasn't done!

I was just gonna say that I guess I'm gonna have to break down and do a video. What should I do it about?

Hey! We could ALL interview our husbands!

Helen said...

Annie K, hmmmm, what should our reality show be called? Blogger gals vs. Monkey Butts? Blogger gals and the PCB?
Rolling rrrrrs. I guess my Spanish classes paid off, anyhow, huh?
Katdish, thanks. Back at you on the big butted monkey heart thing!
Steph, thanks. Husband interviewing sounds great, but I don't want to be responsible for problems which occur due to the ambushes. The worst my Bob will due is sit there, laugh, and talk about Bugs Bunny (his role model). I don't know how angry anybody else's husband will be.

gabrielle eden said...

Helen - you are a riot. And you are just this little darling. You are sort of reminding me of Susan Boyle - immense talent hidden behind the not-so-Hollywood exterior.

That was fun. I need to try that with my Mac. Oh dear. What if I can't do this with Wordpress?

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Helen, you are too funny and your voice is just beautiful. I especially like the way you say blah-kfjadsfolku-ich.

Love you dear!