Friday, April 24, 2009

I find myself inspired to write 25 things about God from this post. Yes, the post is a joke. I think. Still, it got me to thinking...
1) God is merciful.
2) God is just.
3) God is loving.
4) God is ominipotent.
5) God is awesome.
6) God is a Father.
7) God is a Judge.
8) God is Creator.
9) God is nurturer.
10) God is powerful.
11) God has a sense of humor (please...please....please......let this be true)
12) God is eternal.
13) God is unchanging.
14) God is all knowing.
15) God is in the quietness.
16) God is in the thunder.
17) God lights the darkness.
18) God is omnipresent.
19) God reveals himself in scripture.
20) God gets angry.
21) God is forgiving.
22) God gave us His law because He loves us.
23) God loves to hear us sing, even if we are off key and our voices crack.
24) God has room in His Heaven for all of us. We need to want to be with Him.
25) God listens when we pray.

Please don't consider this list exhaustive, or in order of importance (who am I to rank His attributes?). I know. Twenty-five things is not enough....We could go on forever.....But "25 things" is the magic blog world number, so I am sticking with it.


sherri said...

Great list. It would be ever growing, and especially the longer I live and the more experiences I have. I know another side to Him through each experience; good, ones, bad ones and just everyday experiences cause me to learn new attributes of Him.

katdish said...

26) God loves when Helen dances the Salsa in the produce aisle and when she proclaims she believes in love in the canned goods.

Annie K said...

What Katdish said!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Thanks for #23 - I wasn't sure about that one so I'm grateful that I'm not scaring Him. I hadn't been to God's blog before, and him still snorting over Him hiding Moses' staff...He's good!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

What Annie said that Katdish said.

Billy Coffey said...

I'm gonna need a little clarification on katdish's comment. It's killing me.

Helen said...

Sherri, He and His attributes are infinite, no?
Katdish, perhaps He does. I am pretty sure the stockboys don't.
Annie K, what I said, too.
Candy, think of when people sing Happy Birthday to you. Does it bother you if they can't hold a tune.
Yes. Apparently the Almighty is such a card....
Billy, I try to pretend to be sane when I comment on your blog, but these are the comments I leave elsewhere. Unfortunately for people who work at Jewel, this is a true story, and not something I wrote to be funny. I left this on Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants yesterday.
"I, too, am tired of pretending I am not crazy.
Today, at the grocery store, while I was salsaing to Marc Anthony in the canned vegetable aisle, they interrupted him for an announcement of what the new sale items are, and then came back to Huey Lewis and the News's 'Do You Believe in Love'. I got even. I ran up and down the aisles holding my hands up charasmatic style screaming 'YES! I DO BELIEVE IN LOVE! POUR IT DOWN HUEY! POUR IT DOWN!.'
I'm sure that will be the last time Marc Anthony is interrupted at THAT Jewel.."