Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Place It on Its Side and It's a Symbol Meaning Infinity...

My friend Sherri did an eight things post and tagged anyone interested in doing one as well. If you are interested, consider yourself tagged as well.
8 Things I Did Yesterday
1) Went to the doctor's office for an exam, because he refused to renew my prescriptions unless I did. The fascist!
2)Began reading Murder Among Strangers.
3)Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get two new folding chairs. The X back kind that look like real dining room chairs. Ending up buying a new tray for mom, plastic cups with pitcher (pretty), olive oil mister, fake ice, and a card table for my uncle as well.
4)Watched EWTN (Catholic Channel) with mom.
5)Prayed with mom.
6)Hung out with my husband, who had a day off from work today.
7)Posted witty comments on some of my favorite blogs, and answered scintillating emails.
8) Helped mom with some of her projects.

8 Shows I Watch
1) Dancing With the Stars (Monday)
2) Dancing With the Stars (Tuesday)
5)CSI Miami
6) CSI New York
7) Numbers
8)Masterpiece Theatre

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1) Lose weight.
2)Dance well. (Yes, I already dance. Well is the keyword here.)
3)Play the piano.
4) Knit a sweater.
5) Crochet well. (Yes, I already crochet basic stitches, but I don't do fancy doilies or anything like that)
6) Ice Skate.
7)Make strudel like the Bohemian ladies who lived on my block when I was a kid. (Bohemian as in Czech, not as in wild...)

8 Things I am Looking Forward To
1) Meeting Jesus. Sort of. I was thinking about that when I was in Church Saturday Night, and I realized that I am going to feel bad that I haven't talked to Him more than I do. I need to do better about putting Jesus first, so that when I meet Him face to face, I can unabashed put my arms around Him instead of saying that I really meant to give Him a call more often, but got kinda busy...
2) Going to my mom's and my friend's house Friday to help her sort bingo prizes for....
3) The ICF Bingo with a neighborhood nursing home. I know. I spend all day with the elderly (mom). Why would I want to spend my Saturday away at the nursing home helping old people play bingo? I dunno. I just do...
4)CCD begins again in September. I feel sharing my faith is my calling, and I do that with the children at CCD. I can hardly wait for it to start again, and we just finished this past Saturday! I know. I am the only one.
5) Meeting family, friends, and former students in Heaven. I hope that Ewa and Elizabeth (former students who died in the last few years) look me up when I get there, and say hi to me. Maybe let me introduce them to my dad and grandparents. They'll probably say "I saw you crying when you heard I died. Why? You knew better...."
6) Meeting blogging friends when Mare returns from Nigeria. My blogging friends have brought out the friendlier side of me, and it shows in my corporal relationships, too. I tend to blurt things out like I would in a comment now. For instance, Deacon Ken asked me jokingly if I don't feel guilty about a mistake I made at CCD. I said "Not really." deadpan like. He thought that was hysterical. At one time I would have been quiet, not knowing what I should say. Now I just say what I think (unless it is rude, like calling the doctor a naughty name because he took blood from my hand instead of my arm, and that hurts like a....(use your imagination).
7) Grammar school reunion in July. I know. After that nightmare about having a reunion after joining facebook, you would think that I would avoid a reunion. But the woman hosting it is someone I was in school with since Kindergarten, but around fifth grade we got separated into different classrooms and were never put together again. It turns out, she had her own issues with her classmates, too. We didn't know. We could have hung out together at lunch or recess, but I guess we were too wrapped up in our own problems to even notice the other's, and so we didn't know to reach out to each other. She and I don't have any baggage with each other. I know. The same might not be said for the rest of the participants. That's okay. I look forward to seeing Carrie. Maybe the rest will work out, too.
8) I don't know. A vacation may be in the works. My husband thinks I need to get away. You know. Statistics show that caregivers have shorter lives blah blah blah blah....He thinks I should go on my own. I refused. But then a day or two later a friend emailed, and called, and other friends emailed....The friend is trying to arrange for us to have a vacation together. While my first inclination is to worry about mom, I decided to see what happens. Maybe these separate people suggesting I get away (one even doing the work all by herself!) is really God's way of saying "Helen, chillax....."Then again, maybe that's wishful thinking. I have decided that if it works out, I'm going. And I am looking forward to it. (Don't go telling mom. Why should she worry if it doesn't work out. And it is a worry for both of us whether her caretaker can handle her. The woman who comes on Saturday has a job during the week, so we'd have to go through an agency. That can be hit or miss. When mom was better, but needing help, and I was working, we had a lady who was wonderful, and later another later who it is a wonder I didn't hurt her. I'll cross that bridge if I get there. For now, I trust that it will work as God intends....And if my friend is reading this, thank you...)


katdish said...

That is my favorite math related schoolhouse rock video. Yes - I have seen them all hundreds of time. I'm not ashamed to say that. I pink fuzzy heart schoolhouse rock.

I love this idea. I'll probably do one this week. I haven't freak people out in large numbers lately.

I loved all your lists. I also love CSI, except for Miami. Sorry - David Caruso makes me vomit in my mouth a little...

sherri said...

Helen- Go on your trip. Reread my post about "WHen Big AL was left in charge". Now, don't focus on all the crazy things that took place while I was away, but focus on the part where I realized who was actualy taking care of and protecting my family even while I'm with them. It made it so much easier to leave them , not in their father's hands...but in MY Father's hands. He is taking care of your Momma right now, and using you. He can use someone else while you are gone.

Loved your list.

Beth said...

If you do get to on vacation, where are you going to go?? I hope you do. EVERYONE needs a vacation every once in awhile. (Says the person who probably needs a vacation, too.)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I've been thinking about these 8 things, too. I just couldn't come up with 8 TV shows unless I was allowed to drift back in time to the 70's and 80's. Pretty sad for a woman who depends on TV revenue for her bread and olive oil. Maybe I'm inspired, since I haven't posted in a while...

Annie K said...

What does Bob do?

I love NCIS. In my next life I'm coming back as Zeva. She rocks and kicks....

I would be so dumb if it weren't for Saturday morning Schoolhouse Rock. I mean who'd know what a 'conjuntion function' was if it weren't for SHR?

Wendy said...

Oh great. Now I can't do my 8 things post. Why? Because you posted the Schoolhouse Rock video I was going to use! Oh Helen, great minds...

Helen said...

Katdish, I love "Interjections!" Did you ever catch the Mad t.v. version. I looked for a video on youtube, but they don't have it.
Sherri, thanks. If the opportunity presents itself, I will.
Beth, where she takes me.
Candy, you depend on t.v. revenue? Huh?
Annie, Bob works in the Accounting department of a fabulous microphone company.
Wendy, what's the bunny's name?

Michelle said...

What is an olive oil mister!!

Is that Mr. Olive Oil to you??

Helen said...

An olive oil mister is a spray bottle you fill about 1/2 full of olive oil, and then you spray the olive oil on salad instead of pour. You can also spray a pan the way you would with cooking spray.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

and BTW Helen, I forgot to ask, what in the name of all things holy is FAKE ICE? Why does someone buy fake ice? Is your refrigerator broken? Isn't it cheaper to make real ice than to BUY fake ice?