Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help Me Stay on the (Atkins) Wagon

My last poll was on whether you all find Easter to be less hectic than Christmas or not.
The results are 1 for less (that's me), 1 for about the same, and 3 for other. Yep. Thanks for participating. My new poll : Do the blue M&M's taste different than the rest of them. A character in the Jonnie Jacobs mystery I am reading says they do. I am trying to resist the temptation to buy a bag of M&M's and conduct my own experiment (for scientific purposes of course). Last week I fell off the Atkins wagon a little bit (a couple slices of cake....a couple of cookies.....some bread....not all on the same day....) but I have jumped back on it. Still, I find myself to be distractedly curious about the blue M&M controversy.

Blago Update: Now he wants to film in the U.S. I think the other wannabe celebrities should refuse, since by accommodating him, the are already treating him like THE celebrity, and thus he has already won before the contest begins.
M&M Update: Who knew you could find pictures of blue M&M's on the web by googling blue M&M's only pictures? I really thought I was just kidding, but boy, I found some.....
Helen's Mental Health Update: She's googling blue M&M pictures, created a blue M&M label for her blog posts, and taking polls about their flavor. SHE FINDS BLUE M&M'S TO BE A CONTROVERSY SHE CAN'T KEEP HER MIND OFF OF! What do you think her mental health status is?


Wendy said...

Helen, I'll be needing another choice on your poll: I've never had blue M&M's before, but now that you've mentioned it, I'll be forced to go out and buy some. Thanks a lot, Helen, for dragging us into your blue obsession. Now I'll need Atkins, too.

katdish said...

Hope this inspires you:

Go Meat!

sherri said...

I still say all things in moderation.
but I'm full of cellulite 'cause I don't follow my own advice.

Helen said...

Wendy, thank you. I appreciate your help and support.
Katdish, Bob and I both love the Go Meat! commercials. I didn't realize that we could enjoy them on youtube whenever we want. Thanks.
Sherri, I am not so good at moderation. I am getting a little better. Last week when I cheated with the cookies, we are talking three cookies, no more. Still, I should be spending my carbs on fruits and vegetables, not cookies (even though they were sugar free..)

Gabrielle Eden said...

Helen - anyone on an Atkins diet is suspect as far as mental health - just kidding. but it's gotta be hard, real hard. I don't know. I think the South Beach diet is the way to go.

Michelle said...

I think your mental health status is:

Adorably curious and a tad OCB

Obsessive - compulsive about all things blue!!!

Just don't feel blue!!!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I find that as soon as I tell myself that I'm not allowed to have something, it's ALL I think about. Good luck with avoiding blue M&Ms. The brownies I baked tonight were DELICIOUS. ;)

(That wasn't very nice, was it?)

(Sorry. But seriously. They ROCKED.)

Nick the Geek said...

I should give props to South Beach as well. I dropped 70 lbs on it and counting.

Helen said...

Gabrielle, I considered SB, but then I read about eco atkins being good for the thyroid, but I had to give it up because I got weak and more lethargic, but I didn't want to totally give up Atkins. I give up diets too easily. I felt I ought to adjust, not give up, you know?
Michelle, thanks. I fell off the wagon last week, and I don't want to allow myself to do so again just because I am wondering about blue M&M's.
Steph, that's okay. Any chocolate will not due. The obsession really is blue M&M's. And no one is telling me their opinion on it. They seem to be content to call me a heathen based on my lack of affection for skittles.
Nick, congratulations! I don't think I have lost anything, even after six weeks of dedication to Atkins. But I haven't gained anything either. That has been a real issue with my thyroid. Can you believe I gained weight on an 800 Calorie diet? Then I got so mad, I threw in the towel figuring if I gained weight on lettuce, pass the cheeseburger, fries, and cookies. Of course, that only means gaining even more weight that I can't take off. So anyway, holding steady is better than I was doing, so, here's hoping for the best. And again, congrats on the 70 pounds!