Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Twitter Ho Down: Twik or Tweet!

Today we have a nonvlog version of Twik or Tweet. I explained how to play last week. We still play by the same rules, except this time, you read for yourselves. Your cornea ought not to bleed...I keep it short.

1) Let's start with me. Did I, Helenatrandom, tweet this?

@PeterPollock Which blog carnival. Retweet something to explain, if it helps. I am most likely in...I'm always in...TW...nevermind...

2) Did @PeterPollock tweet this?
@katdish No clowns, except maybe @makeadiff21 We're all going to write about the same thing on the same day and see what we all come up with

3)Did @BridgetChumbley tweet this?
Oh Helen, I LOVE your Jail Roman Polanski twibbon! He should be put away for good!

4)Did @weightwhat tweet this?
I sure hope my daughter does something odd today so I'll have something to blog about.

5) Did @billycoffey tweet this?
The reason they call them lessons is because they lessen from day to day.--Lewis Carrol

6) Did @buzzbyannies tweet this?
How is it that I can dream about eating a bacon cheeseburger with curly fries and wake up feeling 5 lbs heavier?

7)Did @sarahsalter tweet this?
I always wear pink undies, because they're hawt, and so am I!

8) Did @br8kthru tweet this?
I smile @ EVERYONE- really- but I'm thinking I should stop smiling @ them in the bathroom. It's weird. PS guess where I just came from

9) Did @makeadiff21 tweet this?
Something going on in our state... And we all know who is suffering and it isn't the politicians!

10) Did @katdish tweet this?
Just to tell you, I have lemons on my avatar to support the fight of childhood cancer. I am not eating lemons. (Currently)

11) Did @CandySteele tweet this?
Enjoying a cup of frankenberry tea with my whole wheat blueberry poptarts. Yummo!

12) Did @HerbieGookins tweet this?
.jjjjjjjjjjn.ji.jiji/jih.n0 Look! Baby's first tweet!

13) Did @redclaydiaries tweet this?
Picked up Scruff from the vet. Note to self: Change Scruff's name to Scruffette.

Bonus: Did I tweet a link to this video?

1) Tweet. Yes. Yes I did.
2) Tweet. Yes, he did. He is going to host a blog carnival where we all write on the topic of obedience. It starts next week Tuesday. I will be participating, and will link to his blog in case you want to participate as well.
3) Twik. Actually, no. Her tweet was that she can no longer see my face. I responded that I will take down the twibbon in a few days when I am sure that everyone I know on twitter knows how I feel about this rapist. She responded favorably to me wanting to vocalize on this. (Oh, and couldn't you just scream at Whoopi Goldberg for her comment about it! Even Joy Behar gets that Polanski commited a heinous act!)
4) Tweet. Yes. Yes she did.
5) Twik. No. While Mr. Coffey does tweet quotes from wise men, he has yet to quote Lewis Carol.
6) Tweet. Yes, she did. Must be living a good life for God to give her such sweeeeeet dreams....
7) Twik. No. No, she didn't. You will just have to follow her yourself to find out what she had to say about underwear.
8) Tweet. Yes, he did.
9) Tweet. Yes, and amazingly enough, she is not from Illinois.
10) Tweet. Yes. I tried to put the lemons on mine, but they abandoned me after I put Jail Roman Polanski twibbon on my avatar. I guess that even the lemons don't want anything to do with him.
11) Twik. Do I even need to explain that one?
12) Tweet. Isn't that a sweet tweet?
13) Twik. Scruff is still Scruff.



Anonymous said...

I did pretty well on this. I had to guess on one or two I missed when they actually happened (how is this possible?). Always fun, Helen!

Peter P said...

Yes!!! I got every one that I knew the answer to right!!!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...


What exactly is the significance of that? So you for every one you DIDN'T know the answer to, you got it WRONG? Wow. What are the chances?

I did okay. Thot Billy might've actually quoted Lewis C. Knew that Sarah never said THAT about undies. Wasn't sure about Bridget. Worried about br8kthru, but was sure he HAD in fact tweeted it.

And Scruff is not Scruffette because he was a eunuch BEFORE he adopted us. (Maybe he was Scrufficus in his past.)

Re: video. I need to tell you all that i fear that we've scarred Charlie for life with Beyonce videos. He wept when he heard/saw this one.

Sarah Salter said...


Oh, great. Now I'm going to be known as the pink underwear lady. Thanks, Helen! :o)

Wendy said...

Well Sarah, you know what they say about girls who wear colored underwear...

I got all of the answers right except for the ones I got wrong, so I'm doing pretty well! ;o)

katdish said...

I did pretty well. Although, like Steph, I figured Billy tweeted that quote.

You're so twicky, Helen.

jasonS said...

I did pretty well! Thanks Steph for worrying about me (maybe toss up a prayer now and then too).

As far as underwear goes, I've always heard "once you go black, you never go back."

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Helen, that was a dead give-away. Everyone knows whole wheat poptarts only come in apple cinnamon.

Billy Coffey said...

Okay, so now I'm totally going to find a Lewis Carrol quote...