Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today I am joining the One Word blog carnival, hosted at Peter's blog. Today's word is REMEMBER.
My original plan for this post was to write about remembering the lives of the Saints, and how they were people just like us, but with the help of God, they made it. People with faults and failings who still loved and trusted God. People whose stories inspire me.
But then I got to thinking, what is it that I admit most remembering? Click here if you want to read a post where I come to terms with a grudge I held for years. Grudges, snubs, misdeeds....Not at all the things that one who has been forgiven herself should be remembering....Then, of course, I started to feel guilty. Guilt is only a useful emotion if and until it causes me to repent. After that...well, I suppose it can keep me humble, but if it prevents me from feeling the joy of my faith because I am dwelling in my own unworthiness, it becomes a hindrance.

One of my favorite hymns is called "We Remember". The repetition of the phrase "We remember how You loved us 'til your death..." always makes me cry.

Funny story, I remember my first year teaching, there was a music teacher. The music teacher taught in the music room, and I went back to my classroom to prepare lessons and such. One day at Mass, I hear my students singing this hymn, and the words brought tears to my eyes. One boy, Russel, says real loudly, "We should sing louder! Ms. Helen is so proud of us, she is crying!"
I thought it was a funny memory, anyway...

Here is the hymn...

We remember how you loved us to Your death,
And still we celebrate for You are with us here.
And we believe that we will see You
when you come in Your glory, Lord.
We remember, we celebrate, we believe!
Verse 1
Here, a million wounded souls
Are yearning just to touch you and be healed;
Gather all your people, and hold them to your heart.
Verse 2
Now we recreate you love,
We bring the bread and wine to share a meal;
Sign of grace and mercy, the Presence of the Lord.
Verse 3
Christ, the Father’s great “Amen”
To all the hopes and dreams of every heart;
Peace beyond all telling, and freedom from all fear.
Verse 4
See the face of Christ revealed in every person standing by your side.
Gift to one another and temples of Your love.


Ginny (MAD21) said...

Thanks so much, Helen. I love these old hymns. Feel free to post them more often :o)

Annie K said...

There is nothing like a good ol' hymn to start the day. Thanks Helen!

jasonS said...

Can't see or hear the hymn, but the one coming out of your heart is pretty spectacular. :)

You're right, the Holy Spirit convicts us and leads us to repent but guilt has no place in our everyday lives. It's been defeated by that conquering love of His...

Marni said...

I don't know that hymn. Shame on me! But thank you for it. The words are beautiful.

This was a great post Helen!! love and hugs to you :-)

Peter P said...

Thanks, Helen.

You have a beautiful heart and I'm just glad you keep sharing it with us!

Bernadette Pabon said...

authoresThat s a great song, I used it n many children Liturgies. Helen thanks for sharing that memory, loved it. If we could always remember, how He loved us, we would never forget Him.

Anonymous said...

"but if it prevents me from feeling the joy of my faith because I am dwelling in my own unworthiness, it becomes a hindrance."

I hear ya, Helen. Thanks for the post!

S. Etole said...

Thanks for the reminder ...

Wendy said...

Were you so proud that they made you cry? :o)

katdish said...

Okay, I've never heard that one, but it's beautiful. Thank you, my friend.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

The old hymns remind me so much of growing up in the traditional church - great memories. You can take the hymn out of the church, but you can't take the Him out of the hymn.

Joyce said...

I love the old hymns..they evoke all sorts of memories for me. I don't think I've heard this one but the words are just beautiful.