Friday, October 16, 2009

Twik or Tweet Week 4

@Bridget Chumbley Getting ready to go to the daughters first middle school choir concert. She says she hopes it doesn't suck... too bad...LOL!

@sarahmsalter Listening to Michael Buble while eating homemade soup for lunch. A rainy Thursday doesn't get much better!

@weightwhat Okay, who wants to entertain me?

@makeadiff21 Ok. The cold has gone to my brain. I just turned the cold water on in the sink and expected it to get warm...

@CandySteele Slept from 9:45 pm until 2 am. Not enough rest for the wicked.

@Muchl8r Have you ever stopped to think, "wait. . . I'm an adult!" ??? I feel like I was just slapped!

@br8kthru @Helenatrandom I thought you were into leather mu mu's?

@PuriChristos I'm goin to start witting my geek post for 2morrow, what geeky thing would you like to know more about/explained?

@katdish Okay. Time to rest my neck. That's the very first time I've ever typed that sentence.

@billycoffey @chrissulli I really do think that a team full of guys making a hundred grand will play harder than a team full of millionaires.

@chrissulli Sometimes finding the right picture for a blog post is a huge pain

@PeterPollock I'm scared this morning. I was woken up by orders given through twitter DM's... I'm just obeying, it's safest
@redclaydiaries Okay, y'all. Gonna leave the Twitter to spent time with the fam. On the agenda: Vegging as a group activity

@HerbieGookins PSA: Dear Everyone, I am still alive. Just trying to get ready to go back to work which seems like a job in itself...

@Marni71 A UPS truck just tried to kill me while I was on the highway. "What can Brown do for me?" Not swerving into my lane is a good start.

@Helenatrandom Too bad twitter doesn't allow for polls like blogger does. Then I'd let you all vote on what mom and I eat for lunch today...

They are all tweets. Sorry I was lazy this week.


jasonS said...

Lazy or pure genius? I believe it's the latter. :)

katdish said...

I thought it was fabulous in it's honesty. And I'm all up in lazy.

Wendy said...

I heart lazy. It's a life calling.

Sarah Salter said...

Helen, you make me smile! :o)

Michelle said...

Poop I didn't make the cut!!!