Friday, October 9, 2009

Twik or Tweet Week 3

Time for the Twitter Ho Down Post, which, until the last Friday in October, will be the Twik or Tweet post. Do you remember how to play? Decide if the person tweeted the tweet I typed for them. Answers are at the bottom of the post.

1) @Makeadiff21 @PeterPollock Cupcakes or puppies?
2) @PeterPollock Eat some Chicken Tikka Massala with home made Naan bread and then try telling me there's no God. Food that good is no accident of evolution!
3) @CandySteele @PeterPollock I like my spaghetti like I like my men: smothered in olive oil.
4)@ BridgetChumbley Would someone please morph my picture with Helen’s? I love her pink hat…
5) @PuriChristos Just got done baking about 6 dozen cupcake to hand out tomorrow for "Cupcakes 4 life"
6) @Marni @weightwhat yes!! On of them WAS the taxidermy lady. She stole my favorite pen. Wanna cut her for me?
7) @Katdish THANK GOODNESS the twitter is working! I was actually contemplating doing something productive!
8) @billycoffey @katdish You’re right.
9) @weightwhat zort in the mirror….
10) @HerbieGookins @purichristos On a new subject...I start a new job next week working w/ high school students. Hooray! :)
11) @redclaydiaries My 6yo is now wearing her dad's underwear as a hat. (Not really, but that'd be funny, huh?)
12) @br8kthru I'm drinking Mango Ceylon hot tea, but it's the manliest Mango Ceylon tea you've ever seen. Makes me want to spit and/or scratch things.
13) @Helenatrandom Jesus said He'd be coming back. This is the portion of the day when I start trying to look busy...Tweet you all later...

1) It’s a tweet. In reference to Tuesday’s one word carnival, and a discussion about which word to write about on October 20.
2) It’s a tweet. And it must be dang good, because I don’t recall him ever tweeting about food before.
3) It’s a twik. We have twisted way too many things she has said to bite that.
4) It’s a twik. She actually finds morphed pictures to be frightening.
5) It’s a tweet. Bless him; I wouldn’t even know that today is National Prolife Cupcake Day.
6) It’s a tweet. The lady who is afraid of Marni’s curtains is really getting on her nerves.
7) It’s a tweet. Actually, she is an artist, and is constantly doing productive things, but she is modest. Yes. She is…stop laughing….
8) It’s a tweet to be recorded for all posterity to know now.
9) It’s a twik. While she does quote Pinky at times, she has not yet tweeted that particular phrase.
10) It’s a tweet. Congratulations, HG.
11) It’s a tweet. And yes. Yes it would.
12) It’s a tweet. I wonder if Mango Ceylon tea would put hair on my chest…
13) It’s a tweet. I don’t mean anything blasphemous. I truly mean that it is time for me to move on to something else besides the computer. I can’t promise that I won’t be distracted from what I should be doing by other things, but I am going to at least walk away from the computer for a little bit and make an attempt. That’s what I mean by looking busy… Which I am not actually going to attempt upon finishing this post. It’s late, and the only thing I’m going to attempt to do is not wake Bob with my snoring….


Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I made it on the Twik or Tweet! And I promise on my honor that if my daughter ever DOES wear her daddy's underwear as a hat, I will twitpic it. And blog about it. And possibly email it to all of his friends. And my friends. And comment on random blogs about it.

My husband is such a tolerant man.

Peter P said...

Hey, I tweet about cake and chocolate all the time....

Oh, they're not food, they're in a whole different category of essential!

jasonS said...

I'm happy to be on the list! Definitely don't think what you said could be considered blasphemous either. Funny, yes. Blasphemous, no. :)

katdish said...

I was REALLY hoping Candy's tweet was real. Guess I should know better by now.

Wendy said...

I wonder if Candy secretly does like her men covered in olive oil... Maybe olive oil and ground flax. That does sound likely.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

For the record, I was eating nekked spaghetti - it was left over and I didn't have any sauce for it. It served its purpose. You guys thought I was gonna launch into meatballs, didn't you?? I'm a little more discerning on Twitter now.