Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grey Hair, Crock Pots, Bon Jovi, an More...

As usual, this was meant to be read bottoms up!!

@buzzbyannies How about mystery mixed with cooking?

@BridgetChumbley I'm still coughing from last week. I refuse to see the doctor! I will beat this on my own!

@marni71 Oh. So if all my friends start floating up, but I am still bound by the laws of gravity, that'll be a real "uh-oh" moment, huh?

@marni71 I don't know much about it, but isn't there something about a remnant being left to be a good influence on the others...

@marni71 @weightwhat I guess that means I'll be "left behind".

@marni71 @weightwhat Don't you think people will be able to tweet during the rapture. (BTW, Catholics don't believe in rapture.)

Tweeting while I am on hold with Medicare. I figure it is time to tell mom's health insurance companies the bad news....

@buzzbyannies "Let's see...what'd I do today... Well my friend from Oregon flew in for lunch..."

@buzzbyannies Also. How funny would it be for me to tell Bob you are flying in to have lunch (or breakfast, dinner, snack) with me!

@katdish I almost included in my comment that Bob was surprised I went to bed without tweeting first, but was afraid it'd be TMI....

@CandySteele You mean you rely on techie gizmos for the time? I would think it'd be easier to reset a watch...

@CandySteele I suppose it depends on if you wrote your appointments down in Iowa time, or Washington DC time...

@SBeeCreations I don't know how to spell it, but ham in polish is pronounce "shinka". That may help in future.Otherwise, it's pointing 4me2

@SBeeCreations Here in Chicago, when you go to a Polish deli or bakery, you often have a hard time finding help who can speak English.There?

@SBeeCreations Could you imagine their face when you'd ask for the "Helenatrandom" discount. *snort*

@SBeeCreations Be sure to use my name there for a discount. Okay. Not really. But it would be really cool if it worked...

@Helenatrandom LOL I'm sure they know exactly where you wear your thongs, Helen.

@BridgetChumbley What do you mean "used to call them"? What do people think I mean when I say that I can't wear thongs because of orthotics

@BridgetChumbley Interesting idea to put a thong in your header...

@makeadiff21 I love my crock pot. My heart belongs to my dishwasher, but the crock pot takes a close second...

RT @jimmyfallon …The woman said she hates living in Chappaqua but she loves the one-mile commute. #FallonMono

RT @jimmyfallon A woman who lives a mile from the Clintons in Chappaqua, New York has been charged with prostitution. #FallonMono

@CandySteele The world's largest crocus? The planes fly rather close to my roof dear! If I want a ride to the airport, I can hop on wing!

RT PeterPollock @Nick_theGeek That's literally a crazy thing to say! /// Glad you are on twitter today Peter!!!! LITERALLY!

@BridgetChumbley I love my crockpot. It is my second favorite appliance. The dishwasher comes first in my heart...

@katdish @SBeeCreations Thanks for RTing. I find it sickening that insurance companies would consider that an outpatient procedure!

Please sign this petition to do away with Outpatient Mastectomies. (I kid you not!)

@makeadiff21 @sarahmsalter I think it is sweet that @SBeeCreations (MommyBee) started a twitter account for BabyBee

@BabySpeedyBee Hey Speedy! Nice to meet you! Be good to MommyBee

@BonJovi @marni71 's bday was yesterday. Howabout wishing her a Happy belated...

@BonJovi Happy Birthday! @marni71 told me it is your birthday! #happybirthdayjonbonjovi

"Summer is God's way of saying He loves us! --And February is His way of saying "It's strictly platonic". From @IronicCatholic 's blog

@makeadiff21 You are so gentle, you don't even eat meat. It's a sweet thing, really...

@TheBonnieGray Hey, jump on into the conversation any time. We don't bite. Well, @makeadiff21 doesn't, anyway.

@redclaydiaries Do I even want to know how one wears dog poo jewelry?

@CandySteele Do you grow it yourself? Bob can't eat tomatoes, cucumbers, and seedy things. He really wants me to try to grow lettuce.

@CandySteele Bob and I can't agree on lettuce. Daddy never had luck growing lettuce. I don't want to eat crab grass...

@CandySteele I am planning on growing veggies in the garden this year. I bought tomato and pepper seeds to start them early for transplant.

@katdish - Very nice. I believe I gave you my mom's waffle recipe, didn't I? ;-)

@Nick_theGeek The Eastern Catholics are very strict. No meat at all. No cooking with oil. No wine. Even fish counts as meat.... I'm RC tho

ATTENTION ALL! Hucklebuck has commented on SCL!

@Nick_theGeek Honest to goodness, I'd rather eat with you than at the White House, any day.

RT @BonJovi Let's show Jon some love on his birthday! Tag your tweets with #happybirthdayjonbonjovi

@CandySteele How are you planning to get nourishment? I know you mentioned not liking to eat out...

@CandySteele Not at all! In fact, I don't think you have taken enough responsibility on your Washington trip. You need to fix economy.

@marni71 Thanks Marni! Now I know what I can do with all those extra bibles my husband bought when looking for "just the right translation"

@CandySteele Well, I hope you succeed in fixing healthcare. Be sure to make everyone happy. If anyone can, you can, Candy.

@CandySteele I have an ICF meeting I need to prepare for. Of course, I've had all month to prepare, and haven't. Sigh. Bad Helen. Bad Helen.

Orange Juice is like sunshine in a glass!

@weightwhat The show IS pretty amazing! I'm glad it wasn't canceled because I didn't watch it...

@weightwhat I am so hooked! Bob likes it too! We just finished episode 4 : Single Ladies = Football. Impressive.

@sarahmsalter Hi Sarah! I was watching Glee. Man oh Manischewitz, that's a good show!!!

@Nick_theGeek I gave up watching wrestling for Lent. I know. Perhaps a bit lame. If I'd've known it was your old HS, I'd've peaked...

@SBeeCreations If she likes animal stories, read Bunnicula to her. He is not REALLY a vampire. The other pets just think he is.

@SBeeCreations I guess they have to have the warning in case ONE person says "Hey, I wonder what would happen if I shoved this up my nose!"

@br8kthru Hell would be having to live with the Cat in the Hat in your head....

@SBeeCreations I then followed up by telling them to be extra nice to ladies who are pregnant, because there are two people there...

@SBeeCreations I read that to my students every year during pro life week. It was a Catholic School,and Horton was perfect for 2nd graders.

@SBeeCreations Who snorts meds? Who think up these warnings? Did they think of mentioning any other orifaces not to put the med in?

@katdish My favorite Seuss book is "Horton Hears a Who". Obviously a pro-life stand, no matter what he said!

@br8kthru You know @weightwhat would have been able to carry on this line of thought for a few more tweet exchanges. But alas, she'sn't here

@SBeeCreations it is just a status update and not a reply to my joke? Good to know...

@SBeeCreations So your new meds can cause you to snort even when you aren't laughing? So now when I tweet something, and you tweet "snort"

@br8kthru Tempted, shempted! I'd make him eat the cereal himself!!!

@br8kthru Oh. We say "Turn that frown upside down." Not as colorful...

@br8kthru Yuck to the max!!!

@SBeeCreations They really went into detail about the simplest things. Things I would just tweet to ask, or play with the settings.

need, all of the other stuff can be learned by tweeting "How do I _________ on the twitter?"

I went to library yesterday. I read "Twitter for Dummies" while I was there. It was funny! Except for the business stuff, which I don't

@sarahmsalter It's a REAL product! I checked the website! We can order them!!!

@weightwhat Man oh Manischewitz! The cops in my area would have me committed! AND THEY'RE ONLY $14.95!

This post completes me!!!

@katdish Me. A friend at Church told me it is time for me to start dying my hair, because it looks like Bob is sitting with an old lady....

@BridgetChumbley Yeah. I don't think we'd be quite as accepting of a woman with a combover...

@BridgetChumbley I actually HAVE aged in the last six months. Why don't we gals look "distinguished" with grey like the fellas?

@BridgetChumbley These days, my natural color is gray.

@sarahmsalter It's that Clairol wash out after 30 hair washes stuff. I just need to test on a patch of skinto be sure I am not allergic.

@weightwhat You did. But I didn't want to start on Episode 3 or 4. I thought it might be difficult to comprehend in the middle like that.

@weightwhat Reddish brown.

My husband's cousin lent us the Season 1 of Glee on DVD. We were watching it for the first time. AWESOME!!!!

@weightwhat HELLO!!!! PART-TAY IN THE HOUSE!!! WOOT!

@BridgetChumbley @sarahmsalter Today a lady at Church told me it is time to dye my hair! Seriously! Mom's Eucharistic Minister.

I better stop sitting at the computer, and do something. This tweeting about housework is reminding me I should be doing some.

@BridgetChumbley Anytime. I wish I was the kind of person who was constantly cleaning her house. I only notice dirt when I expect company.

@katbrak Isn't Fozzie the cutest?

@sarahmsalter I always hated that saying.... Now that I just mention Muppets whenever I hear it. I don't mind being odd!

@sarahmsalter Ah yes. Fozzie Bear is the only movie star I'd use the phrase "He could put his shoes under my bed anytime.." for...

@katbrak My parents made that for me when I had cramps.Since I was ten. In spite of my kidding, I'm not as fond of whiskey as 1 would think

@sarahmsalter I love Beyonce for the humor she has added into my life....

@katbrak Sort of kidding... I only take a nip before bed to settle the cough enough so I can sleep. The real secret weapon is the sleep...

@katbrak I think my cough / cold is improving. At least I hope so. I'd hate to be drinking all this whiskey for nothing...


♥ Kathy said...

Yay! I finally made it into a twitter post LOL

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

This is the week when I'm really grateful for a Twitter post. My prime Twittering time in Israel was when all of you were sleeping. It was quite lonely.

Now I'm all cheered up!

katdish said...

Are you sure it was Hucklebuck? Maybe it was Stacey...

She has threatened him in the past, then he is mysteriously absent for months.