Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sharing My Passions

I have been a little lax in writing. It seems I don't have feel much inspiration lately. I hate saying that I am "depressed" over my Momma's passing. It sounds so needy. I hate being needy. Anyways, since I am lacking inspiration, I thought I would take part in a meme from Kathy at Happy at Home. Sorry about not providing a link. My browser is acting crazy today... No URL addresses at the top of my page. So weird...

Anyway, Kathy participates in something called Writer's Workshop. One of today's assignments was to describe five things I am most passionate about. That seems like a good assignment. For one thing, it gives me something to post right now. For another, it means that I can later reflect on these and how I can do something about these passions to bring me out of myself...

1) I am passionate about my marriage. No TWSS. I am not talking about passionate in an embarrassing to share way. (Not that I'm not... I just don't plan on sharing that publicly.) God has given me a wonderful husband. Together we have a happy marriage. I am passionate about appreciating that gift. There are lots of books and advice to tell people how to have a happy marriage. I say it is a gift, and one that must be cherished. Cherishing any gift is rather helpful in preserving it, though...

2) I am passionate about the welfare of children. I taught for thirteen years. I personally believe that to teach a child, one must be aware of their needs. While I may not be able to provide for all of their needs, awareness makes me more compassionate, and that compassion translates into a better relationship with the student, which facilitates a better learning environment.

3) This one related to the second, in a way. I am passionate in believing that life and death is and should be in God's hands, not a person's. Yes. You should read that as me being Pro-life. I believe abortion is wrong, in every instance. We are talking about the life of a human being, and how that human being came to should not negate his or her right to exist. I don't find this belief easy. I am a woman. Of course my heart breaks for a woman or girl who is carry a rapist's or abuser's baby. If there was a way to separate her from the development of the unborn child, and the child thrive, I'd be for it. But there isn't.
I also feel that euthanasia is wrong. I define that as purposely seeking the death of the ill or elderly, not the letting go and declination of life support, or the acceptance of pain killers whose side effect is shorter life span.

4) Family. I have always wanted to be a mother. I am not yet. That doesn't mean I'm not still passionate about becoming one. More on that will probably come later..

5) My faith. I suppose my faith should come first, not fifth. What can I say? I still struggle with faith. How can I be passionate about something with which I struggle? If I wasn't passionate about it, I'd cease struggling, I think.

You may have noticed I didn't list blogging. I don't know. Sometimes I am really passionate about writing. Lot's of posts about my Momma this past month just had to come out. Once it did, I was able to let the scene I shared stop playing over in my mind. At other times, I just don't know what to write. Like lately.
Okay, there we go. I am not sure that I will be writing more on these topics, but I do think reflecting on this question was good for me.

How about you? What is your passion? You can name five, or choose one. You are the boss of you.


jasonS said...

Great things to be passionate about.

I believe I'm passionate about faith even though I struggle in trusting God sometimes (and a lot of times). I have experienced something and though I cannot deny it, I often struggle with believing what I know is true and trying to lean on my own understanding and help (which is pretty pathetic most times).

I say all that to say I think being passionate about your faith is infused in all your other passions. It informs everything else. Just my humble opinion... :)

You are a great blessing, Helen!

katdish said...

I am passionate about my faith, but I struggle with it at times. Mostly because I think what I want should be the same things that God wants.

So I suppose I could say I'm passionate about my selfishness, but that doesn't sound too good. Fighting with God is a losing battle, but I still do it sometimes.

What else am I passionate about? Gosh, I think I'm passionate about just about anything I pursue - that or incredibly tenacious - or both. Oh, I don't know...

♥ Kathy said...

Those are great passions Helen ♥ I loved reading that! My blog URL is and Mama Kat who hosts Writer's Workshop each week is Usually on Tuesdays she gives the prompts and then you link up on Thursdays if you want to participate again :)