Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot Dog!

Okay, today's Life is Funny post is about Bob. You see, when we first got married, his cooking skills left a little to be desired. He has improved greatly though in the last 13 years. Now, when he cooks a t.v. dinner, it isn't frozen in the middle. Yeah Bob!

Sometimes it is hard to see that people have grown and changed. Take for instance, a few weeks ago. I was running late at CCD. How can you run late at Sunday School? Craft cleanup, preparation for next class, yakking with colleagues....Well, Bob had an appointment at 12:30, and it was almost noon when I was ready to leave. So I called Bob on my cell (while in the faculty room), and asked him to start the hotdogs.

HRM: Bob, I'm running late, but I'm going to leave in a minute.
Bob: I have an appointment at noon and lunch....
HRM: I know hon. Just start the hotdogs, and I'm on my way.
Bob: How should I do that?
HRM: (HUGE SIGH!) Just boil the water, and I'm on my way!
(and I hang up)

My collegues were dumbfounded.
Dee: He doesn't know how to make hot dogs?
HRM: Are you kidding me? If I wanted him to make ice, I'd have to leave him a recipe!

Well, I arrive home, and the hotdogs are almost ready. The issue wasn't that he doesn't know how to make hotdogs. It turned out he was asking me if I wanted them boiled or microwaved. (Bob, if you are reading this, please remember that I have told you that I ALWAYS prefer boiled, and if you had been paying attention, this never would have happened, and half the Church and all my blog followers wouldn't know about your cooking *cough* abilities. Love you!)

Anyhoo, I shouldn't have boxed Bob into the can't cook corner forever.

Not funny enough for you? Okay, point of fact. If you literally translated hot dog into German, you get Heisser Hund. Heisser means hot, hund means dog. Do you know what heisser hund actually means? Female dog in heat....Now that's funny!

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katdish said...

Sadly, I identify with Bob more in this story. My husband is a much better cook than me.

I'm sure they were most excellent hot dogs, Bob.

You da man!

sherri said...

I could see Bob's confusion. So many choices....

Big Al makes tea, but that's about the extent of his culinary skills.

He can reheat food in the microwave AND boil water, though.

I've taught him well.

Annie K said...

I think Jon secretly helps with laundry and makes the bed every day so that he can get out of cooking. He always complais about how much weight he's gained since we got married..I offer to stop cooking but he'll have none of that!

Welcome back Sherri! (and my little comment on FOTTSP was done totally in love.)

Beth said...

Frank is a good cook. (His dad is too, and taught him well.) He was much better than me when we got married. I think I'm gaining, though, now that I cook pretty much every day...sometimes I even (gasp!) enjoy it.

However, I'm attempting homemade cookies today. Prayers may be needed. They are for a prison ministry, so hopefully the prisoners will not be turned away from God based on my baking skills.

Governor's Row, IL said...


Wendy said...

Well, kudos to Bob for knowing 2 different ways to cook a hot dog! My husband would just eat it raw.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Ron Burgundy is so culinary challenged, he would burn jello. He's good at reheating in the microwave, but usually forgets he put food in there and I find it a day later. Seriously, who forgets to eat?

Heisser Hund - you have given me yet another reason not to eat that concoction of sheep lips and hog butts. Sorry, I'm kind of a food snob like that. Or rather, my stomach is.

@Wendy - raw???

Billy Coffey said...

I can't say much here about Bob's cooking. Sadly, if I can't burn it over an open fire, I'm hopelessly lost.

jasonS said...

I prefer my hot dogs grilled or "fried" (little water in a skillet and heat 'em up). I never really cooked until after I was married. My wife and I sort of learned together which was fun.

I do feel for Bob and those misunderstandings that I, uh, I mean, he gets mocked about. It's just not fair...

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

No comment.

Let's just say that Charlie is out of town tonight, and after I told the kids, their first question(in a slightly panicked voice) was, "Then what are we gonna eat for dinner?"

Good thing I have a freezer. I'm just sayin.