Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Musing Poll Update and Why Do They Hate Me In South America?

First of all, thank you to those of you who participated in my blue M&M poll. You were no help at all, but that's okay. Apparently, 67% of you think I shouldn't care and should switch to skittles. Thanks. No chocolaty goodness in skittles (Yes, I give the middle finger of grammar to skittles, so there!). The rest of you are evenly divided between whether the blue M&M's taste different from the others. I apparently have a fellow Atkins sufferer, ignorant or innocent of the taste of the blue M&M. (Together, we will get through this)

Has anyone ever checked my map in the sidebar? I do. Every time I refresh. My blog window. Not me. Don't go there. I have never had a visitor from South America. Why not? Why am I hated and ignored by an entire continent? I never did anything to it.
I must do something to get them on board....but what? I KNOW! I declare today to be South America Day on Random Musings.


Wendy said...

Good luck with South America! You'd think that they'd be flocking to you once they heard about your salsa dancing in the grocery store. What's wrong with them, anyway?

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I have a South America reader! Of course she's a missionary down there. Comment on my blog and ask @ngie to come visit. She's nice.

Marni said...

I'm now rustling around in my car looking for my Evita CD. When I find it, I'll listen to it and pray for South America to soften its heart towards your blog. Shame on them...

Beth said...

Does it help if my sister and my parents have BEEN to South America? I've only made it as far as Central America....which is technically part of North America.

@ngie said...

Ha! How did Steph know??? Am I that predictable? :-)

At least she said I am nice. That was sweet of her!

I saw your comment of desperation on Red Clay Diaries.

Now you have a little dot in South America. Though, I must add, that apparently Asia has the same indifference that South America once had based on the lack of dots over there too.

And to answer your question... No se, tal vez es porque la mayoría de las personas en America de Sur hablan español, y la mayoría del contenido de tu blog es inglés. Or it could be that you are not visiting and commenting on blogs of those who are blogging from South America in order to generate traffic to your site... You did ask... :-) Do you still think I am nice? I hope so. I would just hate for you to think that Steph is some kind of liar. So, just read all that above commenting in the sweetest voice you can imagine. If you need help imagining this you can visit my site and watch the welcome video so you can put a voice to the words.

Ok then. Nice meeting you. I hope the rest of your Monday is good. See ya' 'round!

katdish said...

I have noticed a steady increase in the number of dots in South America since I introduced the term "monkey butt".

So there you go. From me to you.

P.S. - I'm still a bit giddy that Bob commented on my blog!

jasonS said...

Hmmmm, I have no idea where my visitors all come from, but now I'm intrigued.

Also I don't really care for skittles either. I would much rather eat peanut m&m's. I've never noticed that the blue ones taste different though...

Ruiz from South America said...

My name is Ruiz, from South America. My neglecting to visit your site hasn't been personal, it's just the age old Hungarian/South American rivalry that has stood in my way.

But I'm a big enough man/boy to lay it down.

Make me some goulash, and I'll return. and I'll bring S/A friends!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Funny. I think they don't like us very well.

I wanted to tell you I would pray for you and your desire to lose weight.

I need to lose 25 to 35 pounds myself and my doctor just told me I have hypothyroid.

I refuse to take synthroid. I am believing for healing in my thyroid and will pray for healing for yours as well, that is, if you want me to.

Is yours hypo-thyroid? If so, do you mind telling me what your TSH level is?

Mine was 7.45 - not that far above normal. I'm believing for it to come down.