Thursday, January 8, 2009

Drop That Cuisinart!

Okay, which of you bloggers knew that Veggie Tales did a polka? You should have told me! Helen likes polkas. Helen likes cartoons. Put them together, and what do you get? Happy Helen! I hope you all enjoy this more than yesterday's car crash video.


Annie K said...

I heart VT!!

Beth said...

The minute I started playing it, Anna and Joey ran to watch and they were giggling the whole time. They LOVE Veggie Tales. And I do to. A little secretly, though, cuz Frank will make fun of me....

Anonymous said...

I love vegetables--especially Christian ones that sing or dance!

Beth said...

By the way, I laugh every time I read this title! :)

Stephanie Wetzel said...

I love me some Veggie Tales. To this day, every time I'm looking for something to style my hair, I find myself singing, "Oh where is my hairbrush?"
Every time.

And I LOVED the accordion solo.

WV: pacesse
Larry can do lots more schoolhouse polkas if he just pacesse himselffe.

Mary Ann said...

So fun.
"one happy helen."

hehe hooray!

Helen said...

Beth, I am glad your kids enjoyed it, and that you like the title.
Annie, Me too.
Sherri, it does make me feel guilty about making a salad, though.
Steph, the bunny song is also kinda special to me.
Mare, thanks . I do think they are so much fun.