Thursday, January 1, 2009

From Sherri's Blog to Mine

My friend Sherri left these questions about 2008 on her blog today. It is all about new things tried in 2008. The name of her site is "Matter of Fact", and she is on my blogroll. You can go check her out from there.

1.Food?-I am always trying new recipes. Can you sing "Chicken Pot Pie"

2.Visited a new place(town, restaurant, country, neighborhood,church etc.)?
No. I don't re
3.Met a new friend(s)? MANY of my blogger gal pals. (Just like Sherri). This is my second year teaching CCD at my new parish, and I have begun making friends with my fellow teachers.

4. Learned a new word? Mostly playing with word verifications (wv for short) with my blogger pals.

5. Started a new hobby? Blogging.

6. Started a new job?No. My job will be taking care of my mom for a long time to come. What is new there though is that she has hired someone to take care of her on Saturdays, so I have a day I can do other things. Mom is so sweet and thoughtful.

7. Got a new hairdo? Not yet. A couple of years ago, a former student died of cancer. Since then I grow my hair long enough to cut and donate to "Locks of Love" in her memory. I can't afford to give scholarships in her name or anything, but I can afford to grow my hair long enough and then cut it short enough to donate to a child who lost his or her hair due to cancer. Anyways, 2009 will bring a new hairdo. Not a resolution, just a fact.

8.Redecorated a room? No, I am not into decorating the way a good wife should be. Luckily, my husband likes my blog. ;-)

9. Bought a new/different vehicle? No. Bob's car and mine are fine, with a little maintenance of course.

10.Got a makeover? I don't really like make up. I did buy myself an electric tweezer for my face though. Good times....good times.....
11.Read a new book? I read a lot. This year I have been actually trying to read less, and get audio books that mom and I can enjoy together.

12. Learned a new skill? Is blogging a skill?

13. Moved to a different home? No. I did that a few years ago. We really are happy here.

14.Moved to a different town? No. But my Church is in a different town from mine. ;-)
15. Joined a group, committee, club or church? I started hanging out with the Italian Catholic Federation. This year I decided to join. There are three reasons a good Hungarian can join an Italian federation. 1) Italians make good wine. 2) We have the same colors on our flag. 3) The wine is a good enough reason to count as two reasons.
16.Stood up for an issue?Yeah. I am very opinionated. Especially about pro-life issues. And when I think someone is being treated unfairly. And when the sun shines in the day and sets at night ;-)
17.\ Fixed something that was broken? I don't think so
18. Got married, engaged, gave birth? No, I am keeping Bob. He will not be lucky enough to be rid of me until I am buried at Maryhill Cemetary.
19.Listened to a sermon, type of music or saw a movie or read a book/ magazine that was out of your "regular" type?- Yes. I went to see Mamma Mia! In spite of the bad reviews, and the fact that I had prejudged the mother for being unsure of three men as her daughter's father. By the end of the movie, I saw how she could be in such a predicament, even if I couldn't approve of it. I cried for her and her daughter. And I laughed at the silliness of people dropping what they are doing to follow her singing and dancing. How come they never do that for me at the supermarket?

20. Invented anything? Not yet.

*****Update Please, please, please call your aunt! Please call her now, I don't care how late it is!.


Sherri Murphy said...

Thanks for the shout out.
I forgot to mention on my site that I loved your comment about the singing/dancing in supermarkets. That was SOOOO funny!

Big Al hates musicals for that reason. He's like, " WHo does this?" and it ruins the whole show for him.

He just doesn't get it.

my ver iword" bowta

"after the performance, the actors would bowta their left, then they would bowta their right." Although Big AL would not clap.

Dory said...

My husband hates it when I start singing and dancing in the supermarket. I don't know what his problem is. He starts pretending he doesn't even know me. I told him when we were dating that I wanted to change the world and make it a better place somehow. I also told him that I thought that life should be more like a musical. I can't understand why he didn't put it all together...

Sherri Murphy said...

WHere do you shop? I'm gonna tell my family up in Chicago to start shopping there!

Annie K said...

Ok Helen, I now have that Coke commercial stuck in my head because your comment reminded me of know the one from the 80's? 'I'd like to teach the world to sing...yada...yada... and buy the world a Coke...

Anonymous said...

Helen, thanks for commenting and being a part of my blog. I'm glad you could improve your score! said...

What? People start singing and dancing for me in supermarkets all the time! In my dreams!