Friday, January 16, 2009

What Is That First Commandment Again? Sometimes It Seems I Have Forgotten.....

I don't know if blogging etiquette rules prohibit me from doing this, but I want to share something I started on Beth's (That's Not Me Anymore) comment section. The reason I miss her is because she is on a media fast this week.

I miss you, Beth. I know you won't be reading this yet, but, well, when you do, you will know that I miss you.
Oh, and between you, and an SCL post this week, I realize that I need to do a media fast myself. I have been enjoying the Internet, and putting it before God and others lately.
I have decided no computers at all on Sunday or Wednesday unless my donkey falls into a well.

I go on to explain that sometimes my mom wants me to find out something for her, and what momma wants, momma gets (hey, that is why I am a stay at home daughter). Honor thy Father and thy Mother. And, the things mom usually wants me to find out are if school is closed for family and friends who are students and teachers, if there were any survivors in the crash because she only heard part of the news, when is so and so's wake because maybe she should send me or Bob, you know, stuff like that. Things that worry seventy plus year old women. Hopefully we won't have those issues on a Sunday or Wednesday, because truth be told, it would be so easy to fall into temptation and just check email, then just check.....

The thing is, I haven't been a very good stay at home daughter lately. Through nobody's fault but my own, I have become obsessed with the next post, the next comment on that post, the newest like minded blogger out there, my own post, etc until it seems that I am just fitting mom in between computer sessions. Ditto Bob. And as for God, in all honesty, I have dared to give Him even less than that.

So I must give up computer time on Sundays, as it is the Lord's Day. I can tell myself that on Sunday, I mainly post on the sermon, or the beauty of that particular Sunday, or something I find inspiring. Nice. But can I honestly say it couldn't wait until Monday.....No...I couldn't honestly say that. No one needed my _______Sunday of Advent posts.
If I did, why not mention it Saturday, and blog on it Monday. Because it obviously wasn't important enough to me to preplan, and then wait for. I have a post coming out tomorrow that is fun and silly that I have been planning for almost a week. I didn't post it today because, I agree with Katdish, that some things should wait for Beth, because it wouldn't be the same without her. So why didn't I plan and wait with those Sunday posts? Because they weren't as important to me. So it shouldn't have been as important to me to post those on a Sunday.

I made a suggestion on SCL that we choose a day to fast together, since I noticed many bloggers saying what I said. It seems one commenter (and perhaps many lurkers, for all I know), found that disturbing. I know someone else who thought it was a good idea (Hi Stacy!). Perhaps I did jump the gun. Not everyone has the same problem, so everyone fasting from the same thing is unnecessary.
However, if you have the same issues with the computer and blogging as I do, or similar ones, I invite you to join me. Obviously if you work with computers, you would use it to do your job, but not for entertainment. And again, maybe you don't have that issue at all, and it is like telling a vegan to give up meat on Fridays during Lent. " Like, huh?".
And, in all honesty, the more blogger friends who join me, the easier the fast will be on me (which, of course, isn't your responsibility, but it is the truth).
Don't worry about needing to get in touch with me to pray for you if an emergency arises. I will be thinking of you often on Wednesdays (and a few times on Sunday, too, truth be told), and I plan on praying for you and your families every time I do.

P.S. I have chosen Sunday for the obvious reason (as stated). But Sunday would be like giving God and my family the minimum. I don't want to stop at the minimum. I want to refocus so that when I return on the other five days of the week, I have a renewed heart as to what is important, and can better handle blogging and the internet in my life.


Ryan B said...

Good for you Helen. It is really cool that you are realizing where you could replace something with more God time. It may be tough but I'll pray for you (And not in the "I'll say I'll pray for you but I really won't kind of way). Plus, maybe after taking a bit of time off God will have filled your heart with even greater things to say. I'm excited!

Stephanie Wetzel said...

Awww, HELEN! Why'd you have to go ahead and listen to GOD?

Now I'm gonna have to reflect on this for me and my family.

In all seriousness, good post. Very thought-provoking. Lately I've been turning off my computer between the time the kids get home and dinner. Because it was taking more of my focus than the kids. (Yikes!)

wv: sucksc
Yeah, really.

katdish said...

Helen -

Did you happen to read my follow up comment on Beth's blog? Weird. I've been feeling all kinds of convicted. I'm doing Wednesday and Sunday, too. I'll probably write less and concentrate on writing good, uplifting and spiritual posts -- you know, like "Getcherfreakon". Gotta go annoy my children now...cyberhugs! (you too, Steph...Ryan B - you look pretty huggable, but I don't even know you!)

Anonymous said...

Helen, Last week I decided that each Sunday I would post only a scripture, maybe a beautiful picture as well. Calling it my Silent Sunday.

I decided that last week after I could not get a post idea out of my head DURING a wonderful sermon!!!! (I'm so ashamed) I knew I had to cut it back. Then, when my computer got sick....I took it as a sign. I already had some things written and saved so it has worked out for me.

If you notice, Dear Gabby has not been updated for that reason. SHe will be, but only when the extra time is there to do so.

On weekends I don't stay as long at the computer, but through the week it borders on obsession!

It's also why I'm not twittering.

Funny that SO MANY feel the same way! said...

Helen - I "hear" you, and God. It is an echo in the universe. I'm thinking the same thing myself and it must not just be me.

Anonymous said...

I am not really anonymous. I am Helen, commenting under anonymous for the usual reasons.
Hi everyone. Yeah. First Beth made me think a little with her fast. Then Jon's post made me think even more. Then I posted a comment where I mused that Jon should lead a fast, which someeone didn't like at all but which Stacy S. responded to positively via email with a "let's do this!". Then I wrote a comment on Beth's post. For some reason, I went back and saw Katdish's comment, and then said, time to post already.
It seems the Holy Spirit is telling us something. He may not be whispering "Wednesday" in all of our ears, but He is saying to watch our balance. Like I said in my post, all of us nonposting the same day would make it less tempting to those of us fasting on Wednesday, but that is not your responsibility. I am thinking of Beth, who sort of started this line of thought for me, and she doesn't even know it yet because she is fasting. It's not llke I stopped posting. I can't expect others to.
I am not sure who Anonymous is, but she sure gets around...