Thursday, January 8, 2009

You Now Know More About Me Than My Neighbors

I have been tagged by Steph at the Red Clay Diaries. to share seven weird things about me. Limiting myself to seven will be difficult, but I will manage somehow. Sniff.
1. I actually do sing in the supermarket with the canned music they are playing.
Once, years ago, I gave up secular music for Lent. It was supermarket music that did me in. Is it really a sacrifice if it means my husband has to go shopping instead of me? Not quite the spirit of Lent. But I would go grocery shopping, and couldn't help enjoying the music. I worked it out by letting this be a reminder to me that while Christ's sacrifice was perfect, mine could never be that.
2. Sometimes I salsa dance (it's like mambo for people without rhythm) at the supermarket, just to freak out the people who are staring at me for singing.
3. Sometimes I listen to the Drive Time Polka Show.
Don't laugh. The other day, I won tickets from them for Disney on Ice. I had to name the three wise men. Can you? (Hint: No, it is not Mo, Larry, Curly, and sometimes Shemp or Joe. Those are the three wise guys, not wise men.)
And, it is thanks to the Polka Show on WPNA that I know that today is National Bubble Bath Day. Happy Bubble Bath Day. Enjoy!

4. I frequently embed cartoons and childish things into my blog posts.
5. I used to, ummmm, visit a cultish group called University Bible Fellowship. UBF for short. Go ahead, google them. Just know that my experiences weren't so bad, because I stayed on the fringe until I ran like h-e-double hockey stick. I'll probably do a post on it later, when I am totally over it. It has only been twenty-one years so the wounds are still a little fresh...
6. I have a very loud and shrill laugh. "HOW LOUD AND SHRILL IS IT?" Shhhh. I heard you asking all the way here through the computer. Be careful. You don't want to startle your family or coworkers. My laugh is so loud and shrill, that the first time my second graders would hear my laugh, they would scream from fright.....Then they would say "Do it again, Miss Helen! Pleeeeeease do it again!!" Yeah. It was the "Do it again" that tipped me off to how weird my laugh really is. The "please" was mere icing on that cake.
7. I am allergic to pine. And grass. And flowers. I used to like to do gardening, but since I also like not sniffling and having a sore throat, that has kind of fallen on by the wayside. Oh yeah, and the fact that it is winter time.

Now, I tag Beth at That's Not Me Anymore, Sherri at Matter of Fact, Gabby at Dear Gabby, Mare at Journey to be had, and Slycat 9.1. (she does not have a blog, but I can publish hers if she won't start one.) Hey Ryan, how about you? You want to join us?

Okay, weird thing number 8. You guys and gals deserve a bonus. This was fun. I always wanted to do this Meme, but was waiting to be invited.


Stephanie Wetzel said...

Helen, I'm glad I got to be the person to invite you.

And I totally want to salsa with you. My favorite grocery store music is 80s stuff.

My mom took accordion lessons. If she'd kept it up, she might've gotten famous on Drive Time Polka.

WV: vithent
"Vith or Vithent You" is mein favorite song by U2.

Helen said...

Steph, 80's music for me, too. Although, I think Fernando, by Abba, was in the seventies. I had a cool produce section experience with that one. A lady sang with me (she didn't dance though).
I am sure your mom is awesome on the accordian. She can play "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" for us on our Chicago Metropolitan Area Supermarket Salsa Tour. Think about. Ask her and let me know. ;-)

Beth said...

I used to be embarrassed when my mom sang in the store...then I caught myself doing it...and even worse...I sing HARMONY to the store music! We could have a whole wandering singing and dancing choir on the tour.

Beth said...

The list is up!!

katdish said...

I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating:

Do you think people are following us around from blog to blog wondering if we all met in rehab?

And Beth - You are SO like Tamara! I got American Idol for Wii for Christmas and she couldn't sing the melody, she kept breaking into a harmony part. Crazy!

Annie K said...

Katdish, you don't remember rehab with us? Good times.

Helen, between you and Mare there will be moves bustin' all over the place. I can't wait to see the supermarket salsa. Oy!

Helen said...

Beth, if I could sing harmony, I would. Welcome to our Supermarket Salsa Troop. Love your list.
Katdish, so where is this rehab place that is so convenient for someone in Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, and Texas to meet up at. Odds are, it would have to be nearer Sherri, Gabby, Beth, and me. (I have decided to treat both of Sherri's personalities as separate entities. ;-)
Annie, First, isn't it "Ay" not "Oy"? ;-) Aren't you joining us in the Supermarket Salsa? Again, where is this rehab place?

Mary Ann said...

Eager to read the UBF post when you feel you are "ready." =)

Can't wait to hear your laugh in person. Cracked me up.

I sing in the market here when there is a rare American song of the 90s blaring. Draws a little extra attention but does it matter at this point?

I love us "no shame" gals.

Beth said...

So this is where the rehab conversation spawned. A ha!

Sherri Murphy said...

I knew you were weird all along, but of course, I see so many similarities, that by the time all of us post our lists, we will really be considered NORMAL.

Can't wait for the supermarket salsa.
I'm glad you're recognizing Gabby as her own person (she has a post today that was inspired by you), but the others are feelin' left out.

How bout a shout out to Ivanka, Maria and Bernadine. Just because they don't have their own sites, shouldn't hinder their acceptance into the group of weirdos here.

They are very weird. I promise!

Helen said...

Careful, I may tag all of your entities on another meme one day...that will be a lot of work for you.

Annie K said...

Helen, it's Oy Vey...but Ay is for Pirates.

Helen said...

So then the correct phrase is "Oy Caramba!" Sounds like the name of a Kosher Mexican Restaurant. I better look. We actually may have one of those in Chicago. said...

I laughed out loud at: it's only been twenty one years so it's still fresh - really funny!

Anonymous said...

Your painting caption won an honorable mention on the MATTER OF FACT caption contest. It is posted today.