Thursday, January 22, 2009

More of One Giant Twitter Than a Post, Really

Yesterday was my first Wednesday fasting from the Internet. I would like to say that it worked great, I devoted oodles of hours to prayer, and am now on the right track not only internetwise, but in every aspect of my life. Thank you Wednesday Internet fast! It worked for me!
I would really like to say that, but as a Christian, I must tell the truth. Mostly, I did errands. Mom's doctor wasn't faxing the form to her pharmacist that she needed to continue getting her testing supplies for her diabetes, so I took a ride over to his office and staged a sit in until I got that form, then I carried it myself to the pharmacy. (I know, I shouldn't leave her alone, but I also shouldn't skip testing her sugar. She is okay for a couple of hours, so long as she has a phone, a snack, two bottles of water, a word find, a pen, the remote control, and everything in the house is unplugged but the refrigerator, everything is locked and the gas stove is checked at least three times) He came out of his office with the form before I was scheduled to sing "Kumbaya". Bummer. Without "Kumbaya", I looked absolutely ridiculous sitting on the waiting room floor Indian style holding a tambourine (okay, I didn't actually do that. That was plan B....) Honestly, I would have had to do this yesterday even if it had been Tuesday and I could have spent oodles of time on the internet.
I also spent a lot more time with mom when I got home, which was good. She was really happy with that. And I did homey little things, like vacuum and such.
Today I have tickets to see "Disney on Ice". My cousins and aunt also won tickets, so it'll be extra fun. If I get to meet Mickey, is there any message you want me to give to him? I am leaving at 5:00pm, so all messages must be left by 3:00pm for me to see it before getting ready and going to the show. And yes, I have a mommy sitter.


Beth said...

Yay Disney on Ice! I'm jealous!!

katdish said...

Yeah -- ask Mickey where he gets those enormous skates, cuz I got big feets! (and a big head, come to think of it.)

Yesterday was kind of hard for me...I worked, but my blackberry kept buzzing...follow up comments from stuff the day before. I need to take my gmail off of my phone.

Helen said...

Katdish, will do, because I have big feet too. I don't have a blackberry. My cell phone is never on unless I am making a call with it. I am not as technosavvy as I appear....which is really scary because I must appear borderline Amish sometimes "Please help me link" "Please help me imbed a video" "Unless it comes in a package or I bake it, I have no idea what a cookie is much less how to delete one".

Beth- Do they come to a theatre near you? Maybe your local polka show gives away tickets.....The three kings names are Melchoir, Caspar, and Balthazar.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your opening comments made me feel really guilty! HOURS of prayer?

I felt relieved hwhen I saw it was only a joke.

GLad you had time to take care of all your stuff.

You didn't miss much.

wv: excon

That would NOT be me!

Ryan B said...

Yeah. Tell Mickey I'll see him in June. Have fun.

Stacy from Louisville said...

Loved, loved, loved your comment on SCL today! I didn't think anyone was going to ever get to the point you made, so good for you!!! I'm posting your comment in some way sooner or later. Awesome!

Stephanie Wetzel said...

Glad to see you back on the highway. ;)

And all I can add is,

Sherri? What do you mean, she didn't miss anything? I think your and my posts were EXQUISITE.

Sherri Murphy said...

Oh yeah,STeph, I forgot about our posts, I was meaning everyone else's.