Monday, January 5, 2009

Helen's Word for the Year: Harmony

I was at Sherri's site, Matter of Fact, and I cllicked on Tip Junkie. She was having tips for Tuesday a day early, and asked us to sum up what we want for the year in one word. My word is harmony. Harmony in the New Year. I want to be in harmony with everyone I come across in person, and on the web. I want to recognize the gifts of those around me, have my gifts recognized, and be able to pull them together to make things a little better than they had been. Harmony: more of a hope than a goal.

Click on the title of this post to see Tip Junkie's post.


Sherri Murphy said...

Hey, where was my "LINK OF LOVE"?

Just kidding. You didn't even have to reference my site.

You're too good for this earth Helen!


I would consider you a VERY harmonious person already. You blend in quite well with everyone!
Always handling your "part" perfectly :)

Stephanie Wetzel said...

WHERE do you find these clips? That one was great.

I think my word for 2009 should be...

snarky. (Just kidding) said...

Helen - I agree that you seem already harmonious. But that must be because you seek it - oh you Christmas lover you.

Tara Bennett said...

Great word! Here's to a very harmonious 09!