Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Greatest "Holiday" Gift

Don't worry, I'm not going off about "Holiday" vs. "Christmas" again. The Chicago Tribune is asking for essays about the greatest holiday gift that money couldn't buy we have ever received. I noticed it in the Editorial section yesterday. I debated with myself about whether I should write an essay, or not bother because it would never see print. You can guess my answer, can't you. My answer of course is the gift of faith in Jesus my parents gave me by celebrating this time of year as a holy time, and not just red and green holiday. I asked my husband's advice about whether I should do it, or if I was wasting my time. He told me to go for it, so I spent about an hour this morning writing my essay (how is it that I can write about these things on my blog as fast as I can type, but have to pause after every sentence when sending something to the Chicago Tribune?) I will post it on my blog later, whether it gets printed or not. Somehow I doubt it will be. If this was forty years ago, the very concept would be written by a professional columnist (not just maybe the Religion editor, which encompasses everything from Christianity to Hinduism to Eastern Mysticism with shamanism and voodoo thrown in for good measure). Now we will be lucky if a "man on the street" or "voice of the people" essay makes it to print if it is about G-o-d. Still, maybe it can bless the people who have to sift and sort all that email. It would be worth it even then, wouldn't it? Maybe I am wronging the Trib, and they are expecting and looking forward to these answers, and my time is only wasted because more eloquent people than me submitted the same response. Either way, I will link the essays for you in my blog if they are on the internet site.
I haven't sent it yet. It is due tomorrow, but email is wonderful, isn't it. I want to let the piece rest, and see if I could express anything in a better way (I am sure it could be expressed better, just not if I can, you know).

I would like to share another favorite Christmas Carol of mine. I love how this carol tells the whole Gospel story, and not just what a cute baby Jesus was (not that there is anything wrong with that...). This is my favorite Irish carol. I am not Irish, but would like to say hi to my cyberfriend Pip, who is Irish. I'm sorry I couldn't find an Irish artist on youtube to post.

Sherri, I am posting the lyrics because I am sure you will request them ;-)


Sherri said...

Thanks for the IRISH song. ALthough I'm Italian, Big Al is Irish (MURPHY) and my boys are EXTREMELY proud of their Irish heritage.

I'll have to add this o my Christmas mix for their sake (no lyrics necessary- I could pretty much follow along)!

Thanks- happy day!

Mare said...

I love that you took the time to write that and send it in. Whether or not it makes it, props to you for doing it. That's so awesome. If it doesn't make it, you'll have to post it for us so that it can at least receive the glory it surely deserves. =)

Beth said...

I like that we seem to have really different tastes in music, but still like each other's music. :)

I also like that you decided to do the essay. Any chance we have to speak up about Jesus....we should take it. What's the worst that will happen? They don't print your essay? But SOMEone over there is going to have to read it. You just never know how it might affect that person.

Plus, at least we DO have the freedom in the US to write what we think. Many Christians don't have that and still speak and write for Jesus anyway.

Go Helen!

katdish said...

Yay! Can't wait to read the essay! You go, girl! And whoah, love that choir!

Annie K said...

Helen, post the essay! I can't wait to see what you wrote!

ps - did you REALLY know what I was saying in Polish or did you have to cheat and use the translator(like I had to)?

Helen said...

I taught at a Catholic school in a Polish parish. Sometimes I pick up, sometimes I don't. I know what you mean about Heat Miser, though. I actually resemble the little troll....but I'm not quite so cute, and I always cover my bottom.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Helen - good post. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Hope to see you around again. Happy blogging!

小貓咪 said...