Monday, December 15, 2008

I May Decorate for Christmas Before December 26---Maybe

I am usually the first person to state that Christmas is about Jesus, and time with friends and family are a fringe benefit, not the point. But what a fringe benefit indeed!
Saturday I went to a Christmas party some friends from CCD were having at their house. I had a really good time. And I got to know the other teachers better. This is only my second year teaching CCD at this parish (13 years at another), and I don't reach out well in person, so these social get togethers are important for me.
Even better was yesterday! Two friends from college came over (with pie! Helen like pie!) and we laughed and talked about the old days, complained about Blagoyevich, discussed C.S. Lewis, and talked for hours. It was great to see them and talk with them! I still haven't decorated my house for Christmas, but these are true friends who long ago accepted my imperfections and idiosyncrasies. These are friends who have known the real me for many years, and like me anyway. Thank you, God, for giving me friends who love like you do...unconditionally.
I have been slowly preparing for Christmas, though. Last week I worked on Christmas cards. Before that I was working on Christmas shopping. This week I will wrap presents and over the weekend we will decorate. Everything will get done. I couldn't decorate perfectly if I took all the time in the world, so I may as well make it the last of my priorities instead of the first. Does that make sense? It does to me, but then, I am rather odd....

Mom and I have also been watching Christmas specials together on the Hallmark Channel, ABC Family, Lifetime, Disney, etc. (Yes Katdish, I have crossed over to the dark side and now watch lots of cable, but I am hoping it is because of the Christmas Specials, can you say "Falalalalifetime"?) Here is a clip showing the importance of decorating for Christmas.


Annie K said...

You'll be happy to know that we got a tree yesterday (if you'll remember we didn't have one last year...). I giggled all the way home because our tree is...3 feet tall - but is beautifully decorated and standing on our end table. Hey, we're cutting back this year.

See all of the quality time you and your mom are sharing now that you have cable! ;)

Good times!

Beth said...

I miss cable...I cannot count the number of times I simply turn off the TV because the 4 channels we get aren't worth watching...especially if little ears are listening! I wish I could just get kids channels without everything else.

We finally got our tree up on Saturday...that's about all the decorating I do. Well, I do have stockings for the kiddos. And my little nativity. And a wreath on the door. Okay, so a little decor. :)

Sherri said...

I'm starting a new job today and am home on my lunch hour.

just to chime in about decorating, I decorate every room in the house, even the bathroom has Crhistmas touches, but I'm just like that. I'd rather decorate a house than clean it! I love Christmas decor and lots of lights so I have it in every room. Stuff that has been handed down or that I have collected over the years. LOTS of memories. I will leave it up till new year's down. Then my house will look so bear---and the dirt so much more noticeable!

Glad you're enjoying the cable Helen. I don't watch much TV, but when I do, I'm glad to have the selection.

katdish said...

Ah, yes. Falalalalifetime. (That was stinkin' hilarious, btw.)

As far as decorating goes, I got some yard art laying in the front yard because I managed to pull it out of storage yesterday, but then I couldn't find the rebar spikes to prop them up so I just said, "Ehhh, who's got time for this?" So if you drive by my house and see Mary lying sideways and Joseph on his back giving the "thumbs up" sign (because that's the hand he usually holds his shepherd's stick -- which, incidentally, I can't find either) do not be alarmed. Where's my tree? In the attic with all the other crap... So count your blessings, you could be me.

And for the love of all things blessed and beautiful, would someone please buy Sherri a spellchecker for Christmas, I mean, "Crhistmas"? I'll pitch in, just tell me how much I owe you.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Helen - my parents also just got cable! Funny! My dad watches it all the time. I'm also taking care of my dad. It's so he doesn't have to go into a nursing home. Interesting parallels. You are so special.

Helen said...

Annie-Small trees are lovely! Especially if you have pets. They won't get hurt by objects they knock down this way, hopefully!
Beth-Are the kiddos old enough to help you decorate?
Sherri- I didn't know you were going to start a new job! Best wishes!
My dad wouldn't let us decorate until the whole house was clean. Now you can understand my lack of motivation!
Katdish-I love Joseph giving the thumbs up sign! That is so you!
Gabrielle-You are special, too. Taking care of an aging parent starts out difficult, but once you get used to things, good can come out of it. Really. My mom and I was always close, but I didn't realize how overly busy with other things I had become. Now mom and I have time to enjoy things together (she is not sarcastic, so we can't make fun of things together, though she is sometimes mildly amused when I do;-)

Sherri said...

Yeah, my new jbo is a spelchckr for th nwspppera!

Thnks Ktdish, i prreciatw the gft !idae

katdish said...

Sherri -

The funniest part of that comment is that I'm not so sure you did that on purpose! How's the new J-O-B?

wv: cubter (How Sherri spells "coaster")

Colleen said...

Enjoyed your post. I usually decorate a lot but this year just couldn't do it. Little time and little interest. I put out a few of my favorite things (sounds like a song title). God bless!

Beth said... kids are old enough to take things OFF of the tree...but they're not too much help if you're actually trying to accomplish anything except for demolition...:)