Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas Presents : I Got More Than I Asked For

Gifts Received by me this Christmas
1. Jesus Christ. He forgives over and over. He is my Saviour.
2.. Remember when I said that I wanted to see Jesus glorified in the Trib this year. Well, not only was my letter printed, but at least two others, which I found very uplifting. And they had an article last Sunday that I linked earlier in the week.
3. My mom, husband, uncle, and I are healthy. True, mom is still disabled, but one can be healthy and disabled. I know it is hard to picture, but there have been weeks with infections, and stuff going on that, well, was not going on this Christmas. She even helped me wrap presents, and I mean she was a real help. Sometimes I have her "help" and it is actually more work for me to do so, but not this time. It was good. A real gift.
4. A new brother in Christ. Raving Theist has responded to me with a lovely email in which he states his love for Jesus. Angels in Heaven rejoice. I am joining the party and rejoicing with them.

Yes, I got tangilble gifts, too. Cousins gave us gift certificates for my husband and I to enjoy on our Saturdays out. My husband and I bought ourselves a new television the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy on our Weekdays in. Mom gave is cash to enjoy on our Saturdays out. Yes, I am going to enjoy these gifts. But my heart soars like a child's when I think of the four gifts I listed above.
You know, I grew up an only child. My sister died before I was ever born. I watched too much Brady Bunch as a little girl, and I used to pray for an older brother. I believed nothing was impossible for God. I wonder how old Raving Theist is. He could be an answer to a prayer prayed 34 years ago. It could happen, you know. All kidding aside, I am truly happy for him, and look for to reading him more. He is shown as Raving Theist on my blog roll. God bless you.
***Update Raving Theist emailed me, and said I could call him Greg, and that I should change his name on my blog roll to Big Bro. As you can see, I have. Gotta listen to my big brother ;-)


Beth said...

The best gifts ARE the ones that we can't find in a store, aren't they? We were very thankful to have Frank's dad home for our Christmas celebrations on Friday and Saturday with his family. They are finally figuring out his meds so that his blood pressure stays in a good range. And he got to show off his grandbabies to his big extended was fun to watch. :)

Annie K said...

Helen, you have such a great understanding of the real reason for Christmas and a big loving heart towards others. That's got to be one of the top things I love most about you! ;)

katdish said...

You are so right Helen. The very best things in life aren't things at all. I read thru several comments on "The Raving Theist's" blog and was touched by many of the comments. And while some may be offended by some of the very negative responses, I have a theory that those who shout the loudest "There is no God!" are often those who are fighting an internal, losing battle with the Truth, and so I will continue to pray for them.

wv: troleut (How Sherri spells "trout")

Gabrielle Eden said...

I read the raving theist's blog and some of the comments. That is very exciting! I am happy for him..