Monday, December 1, 2008

Poll Results : When Should Christmas Music Be Played?

Well, the votes have been in for a while, and I am sure it is no surprise to those who know me that I took my time blogging about it. Six people believe that Christmas music should begin the day after Thanksgiving, one person believes that it should be played all year round, and one person suggests that after December 8 (Feast day of The Immaculate Conception, I'll be glad to answer any questions for non Catholics if you want) would be appropriate. Pip also suggests that there are ways to see advent and Christ's coming in presents wrapped under the tree and other less religious symbols if we try. He mentioned that he may blog on that later, and when he does, I'll provide a link if he gives me permission to (I am sure he will. He seems like a nice guy :-) ..
I suppose I have been playing Christmas Curmudgeon about Christmas music during advent because I used to teach second grade. Let me explain. Christmas program. Practice for more than two weeks. Singing and dancing. Principal changes dance steps three days before program (I still hyperventilate when I think about it, can you hear me?). She then spends two days yelling at kids for not listening and me for not practicing with them enough. Tension headache. Unable to listen to any Christmas music except what is necessary until Christmas day, or I hyperventilate. Can't listen to music from each individual Christmas program for at least three years without hyperventilating. Can't speak about it in complete sentences still. Ah, memories.

Speaking of memories, I took four years of German in High School (Good Counsel, an all girl Catholic High School) Frau Hildegarde Germaine taught us this song and many others. This was and is my favorite German Christmas Carol (I know, Stille Nacht or Ihr Kommet Kleiner Kinder should be because of their religious nature, but they're not).


Sherri said...

What a beautiful language!

Please Explain the words to the song so I get an idea of what I'm listening to.

AT the end, I caught the word "COMPUTER" when the child was being interviewed.

Then I think it ended with the title of a Wayne Newton song. Am I correct?

Beth said...

Pretty! My husband, in honor of his heritage, took a lot of German. I took a semester, but it didn't take to me very well. Too many years of Spanish. We would love to go to Germany one day and visit his distant relatives.

Annie K said...

Helen, I only learned the vulgar sayings in German. Horrible, I know. I do have a lovely friend from Germany that I met in Colorado when we were stationed there. She is a hoot and I loved listening to her talk to her mom on the phone. I'm pretty fluent in Espanol - must be why I love Mexico. I know maybe two words in Hungarian and don't ask me to spell them (ok, three if you include the Hungarian spelling of my last name.)

By the way, I told Mare that if I have to go to Africa to make sure you're not too mean I didn't have a problem with that. Do you prefer Merlot or Cab? ;)

Sherri said...

I need to hear about your "voice"!

* Check comments on yesterdays post, "A little child".

PLEASE respond so I can sleep tonight. I must know!

Beth said...

Oooo...I'm going to start posting my comments en espanol on Annie's blog now.

Cheri said...

This was very nice's making me think of my heritage all over again. :)