Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

When I was in fourth grade, this was my favorite Christmas carol. I tried to talk my fourth grade teacher into letting us sing this for the Christmas program, but I don't think she ever heard of it. I did go to a public school, but that wasn't a problem. Ms. Jarret was a Christian woman, who posted my Christmas composition on the bulletin board and gave me an excellent grade for it, even though it was a paraphrased version of the Christmas story. And we sang "Go Tell it On the Mountain" instead, so I was happy.
No, we sounded nothing like this, but Mahalia Jackson sings this song better than anyone.

No One Gives a Better Christmas Gift Than God.
Click on the link above to read a really beautiful article from last Sunday's paper.


Ryan B said...

Merry Christmas Helen. I also must tell you that I really like the version of "Go Tell it on the Mountain" by Big Daddy Weave. I would listen to that song in June.

katdish said...

Wow. I'm listening to Mahalia sing this song and I literally have goosebumps! What a gift! And speaking of gifts, Merry Christmas to you, my friend. You really are something special, and I'm so blessed to know you.

Sherri said...

Love this song. I LOOOOVE the old spirituals.

Hope you had a great day!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Helen - I was too busy around Christmas to catch your Merry Christmas - but thanks for the greeting!