Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seriously Shocked!

I am pretty sure it made the national news. The View interrupted hot topics yesterday to mention it. I was shocked, which was in itself shocking. My daddy told me that a politician has to sell his soul just to get on the ballot, so I should not be surprised by corrupt politicians. The words are synonymous. I always thought that while my dad's views were tainted growing up in communist Hungary, Chicago politics could also be the haven of Stan (check out Ryan's blog from yesterday's comments to find out who Stan is and how he got that name. It is a hoot!) .
The Governor of my state, the state of Illinois, Rod Blagoyevich, was arrested yesterday for trying to sell the Senate seat. My jaw still hurts from when it hit the floor. You see, the wheeling and dealing of state business for campaign contributions doesn't surprise me. Former Governor George Ryan's crime did not shock me, though it broke my heart that it cost the Willis children their lives. That is the Chicago way (minus children dying, hopefully), and Blogoyevich got his start in Chicago.
But trying sell the Senate seat for personal gain? I have no words. Trying sell it for political gain would be a new low in my opinion, since it is a Federal crime, but for personal gain just makes me feel violated as a citizen of IL and of the United States of America.
I know that in the U.S., a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I am working on that in my head and heart. In the meantime, my head keeps telling me that the feds have taped conversations of him doing this. I am totally sickened. I must go bact to Matter of Fact (Sherri's site) and see if there are any more jokes in her comment section. She is requesting jokes to make her feel better during her cold. Kathy left a doozy. Then I will clean house, which is what all of us voters in Illinois, especially Chicago, should be doing when it comes to politics. God bless you. Send Sherri a joke.


Sherri said...

As a fellow Illinoisan, I am also shocked and sickened by this guy's attempt to sell a senate seat to the highest bidder!

Did you see that just the day before, he was on the news stating "I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. I'VE NEVE DONE OR SAID ANYTHING ILLEGAL". This was his response to the media making him aware that there was a federal investigation about alleged illegal practices and they had listened in on his phone calls.

I know we all sin. I'm more mortified that he was so cocky, even knowing that he was being investigated and taped, that he would even face the public to state that he had done nothing wrong. THAT is sickening.

I hope I don't end up there. Sinning,then going public unrepentant and cocky.

God help him, and I pray I don't fall int that same temptation (not to sell the senate know what I mean).

Helen said...

Amen to that, Sherri! Yes, I know what you mean. You hope that when you sin and are given the opportunity to repent (and yes, deal with some public humiliation even) you choose repentence. I hope the same. But I do have an issue with pride sometimes. Admitting I am wrong.....well, I could do more of that. And you are right, God help him. We ought to pray for our leaders as well as hold them accountable. I have been praying for Obama to become prolife. I should have added the Governor into my prayers for the same reason, and that he not yield into temptation. I, too, could have done better, could have done more. Still, I hope he will be held accountable by a court of law, and be moved to repent his misdeeds.
May God watch over his two daughters, and protect them from the spotlight that now hovers over their dad. Those girls didn't do anything wrong, and they will suffer more than anyone....their dad being vilified (and rightly so), their mom being implicated (how much is she actually involved, and how much is wifely blusterly support I cannot say), the kids at school knowing, neighbors knowing, the media following them to school (I was horrified tha WGN seemed to be doing that and turned off the t.v.
I should have written this in a second post instead of a comment. Oh well...

katdish said...

I once heard that the reason Chicago got its nickname as "the windy city" was not because of the cold wind that blows in off the water (even though that IS dang cold!), but because the politicians are so full of hot air that they cause the city to be windy. Not that that scenario isn't played out all across this country. Having worked for someone who was deeply entrenched in the political arena (he is currently the Lieutenant Governor of Texas), I would have to reluctantly agree with your dad. Anyone I would get excited about is probably too naive or has too many skeletons in their closet to ever be elected. I hope to be proven wrong, and it's comforting to know Who ultimately is in control.

Ryan B said...

Hey. Thanks for the blog shoutout! Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous that someone would do that. Politicians are pretty shady. I just wish that people would run for offices for the good of others and to serve the great nation of America.

I've got to say that I loved what you said about remembering that a person is innocent until proven guilty. That's something that I too need to work on in my head and heart as well as forgiveness if one is proven guilty. Great post. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Helen, I see you're from Chicago, so I'm a little surprised that you're surprised at this development! I visited Chicago last summer, and it was simply a beautiful and amazing city. But we went to the Sears tower and the Chicago Museum, and it was as if they were proud of the city's history of corruption because they felt it was all 'in the past.' I'm genuinely curious, so don't read this as sarcasm, is Mayor Daley seen as a straight arrow, a corruption buster? I just wonder since Daley Sr was kind of a dubious person, from what I've heard.

Sherri said...

my parents have left a letter for you to rad on my site.

Annie K said...

Helen, our state is the lamest when it comes to government. It's run by a bunch of Democrats who have ruined the economy with their lack of budgeting and over spending - and they think having a doctor kill a person in the name of 'mercy' is ok. Oh yeah, and my 16 year old daughter can go have an abortion and they will keep it from me but any other medical procedure she needs has to have my consent(she hasn't and NEVER would because she doesn't believe in it- but it happens to parents). (But then you have Jesse Jackson Jr., so it might be a wash.) Our taxes are ridiculous (income and property) and...well, it just ticks me off to talk about it so I'll leave it at that. We may be in the most beautiful state but it's run by a bunch of incompetent nincompoops.

Helen said...

Dear Matt,
Most of us see the Daley family as being in league with Stan. Daley II destroyed Miegs field years ago in spite of a court order to wait, he has created high paying jobs for his friends, and wants tax payers to pay more and settle for less.
The tours around here try to put a smiley face on everything so that people come back and spend money again (sorry for the bluntness. I assumed it was the same way everywhere. Isn't it?)
I understand what you mean when you say you thought I'd be used to it. So did I. But the senate seat? I guess I was still a thirty-nine year old babe in the woods--I didn't think anyone could be that corrupt. I guess once someone allows Stan's influence to get hold of him (or her), there are no limits to how bad it can get.

Helen said...

Dear Annie,
I am not a parent, but I find the same thing galling. For a child to get an abortion is some sort of emergency that does not even require parent notification ( what if she gets an infection afterward, and mom isn't prepared for the worst possibilties, and is like, hey food poisoning, throw out the potato salad and give her an alka seltzer), but she could burst her appendix over the course of several hours if they can't get in touch with mom. Laws are enacted to ensure that life can be destroyed at all cost, but to save a life is to open oneself up to lawsuits.
About Jesse Jackson Jr. He went to private schools. So did his brother. He is against school vouchers. Doesn't that mean he is against giving his constituents the same opportunities he had. Why is that okay?